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  1. shaw - true believer; her faith has been tested and she still believes in something greater than herself or even the Engineers.

    holloway - has a child like faith, and like a child, his world is shattered when he doesn't get what he wants

    David - he's a child, emotionally and metaphorically. His child like demeanor is shown as he plays ball, the way he tries to act like people he admires (lawerence, an outsider who was accepted). But like a child he's also jealous and emotionally fragile, he sees his attempts to be accepted by the crew and by his "father" rebuffed and continually insulted.. eventually he lashes out against them.

    Vickers - the angry, neglected child. She's jealous of the affection that Weyland shows David. She wants Shaw and Holloway to be wrong so she can see Weyland suffer the same loss and disappointment she feels.

    Weyland - true believer but unlike shaw and holloway has the sort of faith that many fundamentalists espouse... selfish and entitled. He doesn't care about anything other than his own "salvation"

    The story is the relationship between parents, siblings and children... between god and his creation(s). I get that this is a subject that isn't going to track for everyone, but it's ridiculous to claim that it isn't there on screen.

    I love Prometheus and I agree most of the stuff you just said.

    But I think there are some plots are debatable -

    Fifield (the map guy) and Milburn did not have a map and get loss.

    The Biologist (Millburn) was being stupid, and too friendly to the alien 'worm'.

    And those 2 co-pilots who are too willing to sacrifice themselves at the end.

  2. The point isn't about the freedom of speech though. What he's getting at is that this has been discussed numerous times before and bringing it up again isn't going to change the answer for the time being. We're not going to learn anything new here about getting the FB2012 scheme. It's not going to happen in the near future. It might...but not anytime soon.

    Is it possible to make a FB2012 scheme? Yes. There's always a possibility. Is it going to happen any time soon? No. Yamato does not have the license for FB2012. What more can we add?

    Bringing this back on point. Have we seen any pictures of the conformal missiles being detachable?

    Clearly, I posted one pic with a simple comment. I just can't see what the big deal...

    I didn't post the same comment or pics in every single page or thread.

    Macross Word is a friendly place, I respect people's opinion or comment here, as long as people do the same.

    No needs all these pointing fingers and guns blazing all the sudden.


    Maybe some of you are ebay/shop sellers who want to sell this VF-4G baby so badly? I don't really care.

    I will try to end this subject here if no one esle making a big deal out of it again...

  3. Who of you who understand Japanese can translate this? I think the definitive answer is here:

    実際の商品においては「3形態可変」を実現するべく、機体型式も家庭用ゲーム『マクロス デジタルミッションVF-X』に登場&変形機構を盛り込まれた初の「G型」を選択していますので、今までの蓄積された"やまとの変形"技術を存分に楽しめる商品になります。

    Just because Flashback VF4 never mean for transformation... It should not stop Yamato using this extising model to create the 'Flashback' color scheme VF4.

    Yamato have produced many different un-connon color scheme for 1/60 or 1/48 VF-1 in the past...

    What's wrong with suggesting it?

    where did that pic come from macrossnake? photoshop or model

    hey guys keep the photoshops coming alot of good ideas here?

    It is just a quick fun photoshop... :p

    Seriously let's stop asking and crying about the FB2012 version, we know by now it isn't happening anytime soon if ever.

    It is simply a freedom of speech in a toy forum. Don't make a big deal of it.

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