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I'm surprised no one posted about this movie yet. Its an action thriller made in true Jerry Bruckheimer fashion of revolving camera angles and zooming in/out of scenes. Denzel Washington's character is very two dimensional here, but i never felt Denzel was a good actor.

The story starts out like a normal detective story about Denzel trying to solve a murder crime which is connected to a terrorist act. Suddenly the story becomes something that suspends your belief when Val Kilmer tells you they are rendering images from 4 days ago on a super computer via 7 orbital sattelites allowing them to observe events happening 4 days ago and able to rotate the images and see them from different angles. Denzel then is brought in to investigate the footage from 4 days ago.

Without spoiling too much, Denzel finds out the machine is actually something that warps space, explained by that geeky bearded guy you always see in movies (whats his name?) with your traditional piece of paper and "what's the fastest between 2 points" explanation. Suddenly the show becomes sci-fi and is reminiscent of minority report.

Due to the weird sci-fi element in the show, plot holes appear everywhere. Things that would've happened in a past dimension also happened in the current dimension , which ends up as nothing more than a hollywood gimmick to confuse viewers on "what actually happened" during the day of the boat explosion.

Pretty long movie too.

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this movie was booooring! Despite the fact that I loved Scott's Man On Fire, I was sweary of seeing this one because his Domino was so incomprehensively bad. But this movie took place mostly in that room where they were sitting around and talking about the technology more that utilizing it. Denzel jumps back into time just as the movie was over and by then you pretty much know how it was gonna play out. I tried staying awake but it was really tough to do so. Too bad, the concept could have been so cool if it was pulled off correctly.

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