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    A little part of my collection, including whatever I like, but mostly robots, Macross and One Piece.
  2. here you can notice that the radar can probably fold inside the space between the 2 legs. You can also notice some fast packs attached to the wings. this bird looks awsome this way. This hollow part in fighter mode reminds me a bit of the VF-2 design and I like it ! This VF31 looks like a tie-fighter ! Have you noticed that both the 31s and the Drakens have their wing tips changing orientation a lot ?
  3. Hi I am just starting in the hobby business and I wondered if you can find those Topcoat spray cans but in normal paint spouts as I have just bought an airbrush ? I have read that these spray cans can freeze and then spit rather than spray.. my local dealer only has gloss varnish in spouts, no satin nor mat finishing. thanx
  4. Hi I haven't checked all the new pages since the first pictures, but where can these Ichiban stuff be bought ? haven't found them on HLJ. I am more interested by the SD gerwalks and figures. Same for the SD Gurren Lagann Ichiban sets..
  5. hi what are those super deformed Valkyries? also from Banpresto?
  6. Can anyone tell me if the water decals on the wings for example will resist rubbing movements as when the wings spread wide open or retract for higher speed ? will it not pull off the decals ? sorry if my question is not very clear but I have never build this kind of kits..
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