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  1. Sadly yep; six years and still nothing.
  2. Not bad going from a guy who cursed and swore and said he'd never touch another resin kit! Seriously, Mintox is an injection-plastic loyalist and finds resin stressful so this really is a bit of a tribute to his mad skills, the dirty swine. I've seen this build in the flesh and it's actually more gorgeous than it looks in pics; wish I could do half as well on the paint front. Talented *and* a handsome brute to boot. OK, that last bit was a lie. :D
  3. Oh rly? You know I bought two, right - I'll flog you my spare if you're serious. ;p Get up to Baysie for a beer and I'll dig it up. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID etc etc. But the pod should really be a lot bigger...if a Valk can wear a Zent uniform and pass as a soldier at a distance, then how's a guy that big ever going to fit inside a pod? Let alone THREE of them, haha.
  4. Great work, nautilus! Mine arrived today. Just unboxing and leaving it at that is impossible. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you. Thanks Mike, awesome kit.
  5. Mike, I mention that policy of yours every time your name comes up. Your pricing is the best in the business, IMO! It's much appreciated, especially on *epic* kits like this.
  6. Really really good. Congrats on a stellar job!
  7. Wow, wanted it for ten years and had to pass when it finally happens. Balls. Great to see it DID finally happen, though. You guys are going to love it I'm sure!
  8. Building is actually 9/10 of the fun!
  9. Hard to say, I don't have the math to work it out. What's the ship's mass? Is it all lifted by the middle thruster banks? Or does it use AG? If we have a mass figure, and the whole weight is lifted by the thrusters, then you can come up with a per-nozzle thrust figure and probably from there plus altitude you could work out how much energy is reaching the surface. I definitely wouldn't want it to fly over my house, put it that way. Nice pic, btw. I like the underside glow too. Crits: the lights are too even - with visible haze in the pic, the lights towards the stern - which are 1200m further from the camera than those at the bow - should be noticeably dimmer. Also, it's the movie version.
  10. Good to hear, Mike. You're an absolute freakin' hero. Yeah, a super O would seem a bit implausible, I admit. Strike/super should sell, I'd think, though. Undercarriage would be scary. Just about have to be metal, I guess.
  11. Huh. I really dislike the line art and unpainted protos. Hate the FSW canards, dislike the fins, dislike the new long & skinny aesthetic in general. But oddly enough, in that red and white scheme I like it. It could still use some fixes, but it's awreet.
  12. Damn. I'm gonna have to do the same. Holy CRAP, Mike! That is gorgeous. So, any thoughts of enslaving yourself to the entire VF-1 series? Super elint, Strike and Super packs, etc etc etc? Anyway, gorgeous. Do want. Am poor, presently, however. Will it end up in your usual price range, any idea? Cheers, Martyn
  13. I voted 1/35 "Schenkel" walker from Maschinen Krieger. ...what? OK OK, also voted VF4. In 1/48. Hell, if we're fantasizing anyway...
  14. Dammit. Wanted one of these for ten years, and now it happens while I can't manage it. Already committed to some District 9 stuff, and my wife's losing her job next month. Sorry John, I love your stuff to death but this one's just above my price range/cirumstances at present. Envy you lucky sods who'll be getting them! Neptunesurvey, holy cow, that EDF ship is amazing too. Didn't know about that. Another thing for the want and can't have list.
  15. Both kits are fine. There's a lot of dismay at the build quality, I don't understand it unless the population of this board is substantially younger than you'd expect from a bunch of Macross fans. Sure, standards have improved these days, but if you can handle a tube of putty, a square of wet-and-dry and an airbrush, you'll be fine.
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