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  1. Yup. Canada Post historically sucks donkey balls. =) But you should be glad at least you received it in the end. I've had two shipments just disappear on me before. The shipments just leave USA, arrive in the Richmond BC sorting facility and it just disappears and never appears on my doorstep and I'm only in Vancouver!!
  2. Those pictures are great. I seriously think the Drakken 3 looks pretty amazing. I can't wait for the DX toy to be out but again it's going to be super expensive and hard to source.
  3. Didn't even know about this reissue and so happened to notice it on CDJapan by fluke. I see that CDJapan currently has about 12 in stock if anyone is interested. Seems the shoulder problem is pretty minor but just damn annoying.
  4. Ok maybe you long-time fans can help me out here. I seriously am not able to tell any differences between any of the VF-31 variants. Those close-up pictures of the different VF-31s all virtually look the same except for the colours. So that's all in plane mode. However like other valkyries, is the only difference in the variants in their battroid heads (which we haven't really seen clearly at this point) ?
  5. That's what I thought too about multiple cameras and sensors. None of them are truly direct feeds but they all get fed into the onboard avionics which then amalgamate the images into the cockpit view to give you a full 360 degree look based on the pilots position. I think that was what was available in the VF-27 Lucifer. According to one of the interviews Kawamori gave, he said the SV-262 Drakken III had a truly unique transformation scheme not previously seen on any macross valkyrie yet. I find that somewhat hard to believe given certain design and technical requirements on a plane and then in a robot (i.e. you need two legs). However the most I've been able to figure based on the plane mode and what we have seen so far is that in plane mode there is a single engine exhaust however the splits into two exhausts when you get into battroid mode and gerwalk modes. That perhaps is the "new truly unique" part that Kawamori is talking about? I do recall that there was some fan art once that hypothesised what a Boeing JSF-32 or F-35 would look like if it was a valkyrie and that too used the same 1 engine exhaust to 2 exhaust for legs concept.
  6. Now that looks pretty good. However really those small wings would never give it enough lift in an atmosphere. Still I'm always jazzed for more non-mainstream Valkyries. However with the way JPN does their licensing, which Macross license would be needed to produce this in a toy form and what other Valkyries would be in that license?
  7. Thanks for answering this question. I too wanted to ask the same thing. So I understand a little on the licensing for Macross, however which Macross license would the VF-5000G fall into? And hence what other valkyries could be produced if a company got that particular license?
  8. Ok so i did a quick search on Nippon Yasan for the YF-29 and i find two listings One for MACROSS F - DX CHOGOKIN YF-29 DURANDAL VALKYRIE (30TH ANNIVERSARY COLOR) = $258.14one for MACROSS F - DX CHOGOKIN YF-29 DURANDAL VALKYRIE (30TH ANNIVERSARY COLOR) (REISSUE) = $222.89Given that they're almost identical, why the huge price discrepancy? Is the Re-issue going to get less stuff? And the other thing is the pre-order says March2013 but it doesn't actually list when it will be released. Am i missing something here? Sorry this is my first time taking a look at Nippon Yasan so i'm just a bit confused. If anyone could help me out, that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. Ok i've got to try my luck on HLJ this time. Maybe i'll catch it available for order just this once?
  10. I don't even have the original VF-29 yet. I've never been able to catch it at the right moment to order on line.
  11. Wow talk about shocking news but really not too surprised. Nowadays when we hear Yamato, the first thing we think of is Macross. I think that overall has hurt them. For example i never even knew Yamato made VM50 dolls at all. Whenever i saw the VM50s i always thought those were from Volks, so i guess as a company this makes sense for them. Yes i too noticed that sudden rush of VF-19P sales from, HLJ. I guess HLJ didn't have to discount in the end. I've bought many Yamato Valks in the past and well, the've always been rather expensive. Actually, does anyone know, those original Yamato 1/72ish Valkyries from Macross Plus ( you know the ones the originally started with), are those worth anything anymore? YF-19, YF-21, VF-11 etc?
  12. Hey Graham, you're in Hong Kong and you were not able to buy the YF-29 in Hong Kong? I would think it would be at least somewhat available.
  13. Yeah i noticed that too. It went to discontinued status pretty fast. However at least it was available for order for a time unlike the Bandai YF-29 and VF-171 orders, those went into backordered status almost the moment they were posted for sale on HLJ, in fact i'm not even sure if they were ever available for order on HLJ. I've had zero luck trying to get the YF-29 and VF-171 Grab the VF-17D in any way you can. As someone pointed out, for some reason the VF-17D is more popular that the 17S. Maybe because the 17S has a perceived larger noggin. Mine is on the way from HLJ, can't wait.
  14. The YF-29 is just amazing as a fighter plane and this updated one is awesome too. Too bad it's all sold out at HLJ where i normally buy from. Not sure about other retailers. How's that Nippon Yasan? is it an actual store or is it some middleman? I did a quick search for YF-29 and their prices seem to be all over the place.
  15. Aargh just read and got caught up on the VF-17D news today. Delayed to december??? Damn, not awesome but my wallet does breathe a sigh of relief for this month and the next. I already have something in my HLJ private warehouse and was waiting for the VF-17D to arrive before i ship it all out but i guess i should ship it out now since december would be way too long to wait.
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