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  1. '89 or '90. I was in middle school and a big Robotech fan. I was only vaguely aware that Robotech came from something Japanese. When I saw this thing called Clash of The Bionoids at the video rental shelf at my local grocery store I was simultaneously excited and confused. I loved it, but had no idea how this was connected. There being no Internet with which to figure all this out, I decided that DYRL was the original Japanese movie that the series Robotech was based on. I guess since the animation in the TV show was so spotty, I figured that it was an american attempt to copy the style of DYRL. I think I figured it out shortly thereafter, but it goes to show how mysterious anime was for those of us in the pre-internet era of fandom.
  2. Vol. 2 arrived yesterday. I'm really enjoying Macross the First. The artwork alone is worth the price. Pretty much a dream come true. However, I'm not so sure about this cute animal friend thing. What is that thing? Sort of looks like a cat with rabbit ears and glasses. WTF? I'm wondering, for those who can read Japanese, if there is any sort of explanation offered.
  3. I got the first issue though the HimeyaShop website. I don't see the second one up there. Or at least not yet. If #2 is out should I be seeing it up there at this point?
  4. Just got my copy. The art in Macross The First is amazing. It's the Macross manga I've always wished for! Question: Who is the girl in the Macross 7 segment? She's on the cover next to Max.
  5. Just a quick post to say that I'm thrilled Shinsen is back. These are the only files I keep. As a MAC user, I'm finding the Shinsen files to be ones I can most easily view and burn to a DVD. Thanks to Shinsen for making life a little easier!!
  6. I'm thinking the WTF-1 is there due to some sort of fold-dislocation-disturbance-something-or-other. My prediction for the next episode: We see Ranka and Alto exploring the wreckage as a sort of parallel to Misa and Hikaru exploring the PC wreckage in DRYL. They stumble upon Global's voice records and get a history lesson. Then they'll have a tea party using old dishes found in the wreckage. Next thing you know, we'll see Ranka emerge from around the corner zipping up her flight suit.
  7. This was my first exposure to the real Macross. Up until that point I had only seen a few Family Home Entertainment edited VHS releases of Robotech. My understanding of the Macross story mainly came from having read the entire Comico comics version of Robotech The Macross Saga. When I saw "Clash of the Bionoids" at my local video rental I was excited and confused. I knew Robotech came from Japan, but didn't really know anything else. Needless to say, my confusion was only deepened when I watched the video. I loved it for it's beautiful animation, but what the hell was going on here? Everyone had different names and had an accent unlike anything I'd ever heard. And what the hell was a Bionoid? I later bought an unedited VHS (200th generation fan copied) version at a comic con which remained my only copy up until a couple years ago. I can look back on Clash of the Bionoids now and laugh about it, but at the time I was a very confused budding Macross fan.
  8. Can anyone tell me how I can view this episode smoothly? I'm thinking I need something in order to view x264 encoded files?? I'm kind of new at the torrent thang, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm on a MAC if that makes a difference. I'm currently getting the DIVX version just in case... Thanks...
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