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  1. We might see some stiff competition from VF-11B when it is in production.
  2. I don't have a problem with their prices but their QC and those limited Japan releases pi$$ me off. I don't buy them as often now.
  3. For the Sydney Eva fans, "You Are Not Alone" will be screened at The Greater Union City at 6:00pm tomorrow (9/Dec/2008), as part of the Sydney's Japanese Film Festival.
  4. They better have a good reason for changing Unit-02's progressive knife. the original prog-knife was a touch of genius, the new one just look...well...like a knife... I dig the new colour scheme but hate the horn. I don't know, this whole Rebuild Eva thing has been disappointing so far.
  5. That green shade looks great, very solid.
  6. I really really wanted a big and high quality Alphonse. The early proto-type pics of the Yamato Patlabor got me pretty excited. They revealed great details and loaded with gimmicks. But when I saw the final proportion, it looked so wrong. Had they got the proportion remotely close to the CM's Brave Gokin, I would have bite the bullet and folk out $300. I really wanted Yamato to come up with the good this time, but...
  7. Almost 300USD for a non metal/non transforming figure, Yamato has gone mad...
  8. That is the first gelkwalk mode pic I actually liked. I think this latest pic looks great, never an anime-accurate die hard myself, I think it is looking like a nice toy after all.
  9. Nice, if only the thigh is a bit longer to make it less stubby.
  10. Yeah, that's about right...I waited for so long, I just gave up in the end and got the bootleg from Chinatown. I later picked up the Madman Platinum TV series for a very good price though. I guess all my Eva DVDs will go to the recycling bin when Blu Rays comes out....but it is strange that Madman didn't continue to pick up the Region 4 license.
  11. Hummm...is Redant a new player to the anime DVD market in Australia?? I suppose competition is good but I hope they take anime seriously and push out decently presented titles.
  12. Umm, I actually think the rendered design and movement is more like an bio-mecha than the old fashion super robot...it could easily be an Eva-001.
  13. I actually quite like the mecha design myself, whether it is an imitation or adaptation. Turning a giant robot into a believable mecha design with immaculate realism and details gets my applause any day. It reminds me of Sato's Fewture ExGokin Getter. Boy, I wish Fewture would turn it into an ExGokin with all those operable panels and engine thrusters you see in the clip. That would be so cool...
  14. Stunning Korean Mecha CG. I wish I live long enough to see Macross catches up with these sort of CG quality. http://twitchfilm.net/site/view/more-robot-taekwon-v/
  15. Huh...these latest pics look much better, there is still hope.... Still, there is something wrong with the way the knees are bent in gerwalk, it looks very unnatural...what is missing.... Dropping the nose reduces the height of the retarded landing gear??...just a guess...
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