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  1. The Coneheads certainly look good but I'm well past jumping on MP-scale stuff just because. Glad that they gave everyone a chance to get the wing fillers on their own! -------------------------------------- Review for Iron Factory's Catastrophe is up:
  2. Kuma Style

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    This is a great shot! Got in one of my last big items of the year in Sentinel's Getter Devolution Getter 1! Not a lot of play time but really loving it so far:
  3. Got the full review and gallery for Sculpt Lab Productions' Perisoreus Internigrans up! http://kumastyledesigns.com/sculpt-lab-perisoreus-internigrans-review/ The article breaks it down per normal but overall this is very good in terms of quality and just overall execution. To see a high-end Huckebein MK II like this isn't just awesome as a fan but man oh man it makes me want more SRW products of this type. I'm hoping this isn't the last of the series from this company. Here are a few pics from the gallery portion:
  4. Kuma Style

    Riobots by Sentinel

    Looks like Getter Devolution may just be coming tomorrow which is a quick turnaround
  5. Kuma Style

    Riobots by Sentinel

    I'm going to wait until I get the other colored version too. That way i can do them together!
  6. Kuma Style

    Riobots by Sentinel

    A few shots of Sentinel's Riobot 05 Tsugumori (Animation Color Ver.)
  7. Nice! Really looking forward to your thoughts. I completely forgot about all of the weapons that go with them all as well (every figure in the line can hold each other's weapons which is amazing.)
  8. Striker Manus or Striker Noir? And hell yea, man. I have two of each waiting for the sky wings to use as armor. My copies are supposed to ship out next week so we'll see.
  9. Honestly I think that Noir really caarriedtje mold better as well. It's a very imposing and mean stylization so the colors really embody it.
  10. Kuma Style


    The yamato Patlabor has been a long time grail for me and seeing this finally gives me an option but is it diecast? If it's another vinyl piece unfortunately I'll have to pony up for the other.