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  1. for the last one i made i failed so hard to post anything here about it i should start this build be posting here. this is the ver. of Sheryl im looking to build i did get the Crossover Ranka ver. but not Sheryls i also do build on building Ranka to just need to wait for the guy to pull her model from the game. i dont know if the guy that does the post has a ACC on here but he did bring up the forums when we were talking about the pose for sheryl. since i dont know if he has acc on here or not i'll call him javb92 on other sites. this here is the post im looking to use for this build since this build has a post like this making her stand up right will be hard since im going to make her foot sit on a box that has a big speaker inside it for music. i have a few other sized speakers around the house i can use if this one is to big for the box her foot will be siting on. since its still the holidays it be some time before i can start building since i have to wait for javb92 to do his magic in blender.
  2. idk where to put this so if its in the wrong place plz move it. for what i can tell she will be up for sell or shiping some time next year - https://hobby.dengeki.com/news/809807/ but here what really gets me. she has her own bluetooth. so now im like this cant be a coincidence. i make to life size macross waifus that had bluetooth and LEDs and a few months after i finish freyja they come out with 2 life size figures Ranka and Sherly. then today i see they both have bluetooth like my two figures. i cant see this being a coincidence. also i wish i had 2K but i can build my own Ranka for $150-$250 with a pose and dress i like. well if the guy that does the posses for me u will see a other post from me in a few months down the road
  3. Can anyone help convert the 3d models from the Macross files? >-< My latest Unreal Engine 4 is a piece of junk, it won't read the Macross files =_=

  4. well i just fond out anime news network even picked up my build - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-04/fan-builds-life-size-papercraft-freja-from-macross-delta/.142997
  5. i can now say her is done. she came out really good. i also have Minmay with her since there both life size
  6. sorry i havnt post in a LONG time but im geting really close to calling her done
  7. so ya i forgot about the site again. sorry about this, but this time im working on a life size Frejya. i've been working on here for over a month now. normly i'll have something like this done in a few weeks but since theres no local con to go to i've been working on her at my own time. here where im at with her
  8. tankball

    Uta Macross!

    well i havnt posted in some time. i'll just leave u all with feels. (if u cant see the video let me know) https://www.facebook.com/ramond.taylor.5/videos/2388161327880300/
  9. tankball

    RC VF-31a

    well this time i made a RC VF-31a.
  10. heres the over view video of my done Minmay
  11. heres a 12 sec test video for the audio and LED.
  12. heres some nice DSLR daylight shoots of my Minmay. i think its safe to say her is now done. i do plan on get the part around her arms and wast made out of see though cloth like in the anime and uta-macross. but since idk how to work with the cloth im going to find someone that can help me out. so for now she is 99.9% done in the next day or so i'll upload a video about her.
  13. im geting ever so closer to her being done. also sadly i cant go to the con, since i dont have the money for a drive like that sadly. i would love to go but i dont want to sound like im asking for a hand out. also yes i know my room is cancer to the eyes and needs to get burned, im going to clean my room up and make it look better, it just gets really messy when im doing a build like this and i really dont want to clean up until the build is done
  14. let me if u cant see the video https://www.facebook.com/ramond.taylor.5/videos/2268585643171203/
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