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  1. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    Macross VR on the PS4 would be a cool idea.
  2. Uta Macross!

    OMG that little messer at the bottem right~! yes im a guy but i want it!
  3. Macross Delta Game Save

    alright. i just learned about Makina Nakajima's God mode so i think im good. i'll just use that on your save
  4. Macross Delta Game Save

    i can change it around if i need. i just want a save thats has the game done to almost done. and from your telling me your save is just want a need.
  5. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    i hate games like dark souls. if i even played them i'll use a trainer. but heres the thing i know going in there hard. i didnt know this when i asked for the game. if i did i would have never got it. thats why im hoping that i can use Focslain game save so i can just have fun.
  6. Uta Macross!

    i love what they did with event song. https://www.facebook.com/ramond.taylor.5/videos/1880812225281882/
  7. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    ya me doing what i did at the end wasnt mature. all i can say is i've been stuck at that mission for well over a hour with no change in the out come no matter what i did. i was really P-ed off. i also still have the game. i had my mother hide it from me until i feel like giving it other try
  8. Macross Delta Game Save

    i wouldnt know what valk would be the best since i never really changed what i used. i would say what ever u use the most. i would say something like Mega.nz or 4shared wouldwork for sending the files. it will also let others that r stuck like me have a save they can use to
  9. Macross Delta Game Save

    i have the same game. i'm at a point to where i just dont care about beating the game. i just want a save that has everything or almost every unlocked so i can just have fun
  10. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    my god is scramble so unfair... what a waste of money this game is...
  11. Macross Delta Game Save

    so i hit a point in this game to where i just keep failing every single time cuz this mission CAN NOT be done in 10mins. at this point i dont care about finshing. does anyone have a game save they can give me? this is the one thing that sucks about games on vita. i will always hit a point in where i CAN NOT finsh it do it being to hard or BS time limts. also this is the mission here i cant pass.
  12. Uta Macross!

    well i havnt posted in some time. well i think im done with this event i got all i wanted!
  13. Tamiya Cars

    so i subed to a japanese channle that uploads stuff i'll sometimes watch. for the past few days they been upload slot like car raceing videos like this i'll like to know what these things are called. i also think theres a anime out there for these car things. i do beleave its a kids anime that i saw i'll say around 2015 on cartoonnetwork.
  14. Uta Macross!

    ya. and the memes from the livestream r gold. heres one of them
  15. Uta Macross!