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  1. Well i forgot about this forums when i was building this srry. But with that said i just gone with my newsest build. I'm once again happy with how it came out to. Just like the last time i made this on has lights and plays music. heres Javier Bonilla Blog - http://ninijav.blogspot.com/ here a link to download the .pdo file https://mega.nz/#!B8BWQICL!scncfv8coM9LP4qo58oEERB24vOrrh6k02JsOurEEwU
  2. Uta Macross!

    it looks like u can print out some BIG AR Cards and it will still work
  3. Uta Macross!

    so u can just print this out on and it will work
  4. Uta Macross!

    so i havnt posted in some time but this guy needs more views! just look at what he did
  5. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    Macross VR on the PS4 would be a cool idea.
  6. Uta Macross!

    OMG that little messer at the bottem right~! yes im a guy but i want it!
  7. Macross Delta Game Save

    alright. i just learned about Makina Nakajima's God mode so i think im good. i'll just use that on your save
  8. Macross Delta Game Save

    i can change it around if i need. i just want a save thats has the game done to almost done. and from your telling me your save is just want a need.
  9. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    i hate games like dark souls. if i even played them i'll use a trainer. but heres the thing i know going in there hard. i didnt know this when i asked for the game. if i did i would have never got it. thats why im hoping that i can use Focslain game save so i can just have fun.
  10. Uta Macross!

    i love what they did with event song. https://www.facebook.com/ramond.taylor.5/videos/1880812225281882/
  11. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    ya me doing what i did at the end wasnt mature. all i can say is i've been stuck at that mission for well over a hour with no change in the out come no matter what i did. i was really P-ed off. i also still have the game. i had my mother hide it from me until i feel like giving it other try
  12. Macross Delta Game Save

    i wouldnt know what valk would be the best since i never really changed what i used. i would say what ever u use the most. i would say something like Mega.nz or 4shared wouldwork for sending the files. it will also let others that r stuck like me have a save they can use to
  13. Macross Delta Game Save

    i have the same game. i'm at a point to where i just dont care about beating the game. i just want a save that has everything or almost every unlocked so i can just have fun
  14. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    my god is scramble so unfair... what a waste of money this game is...
  15. Macross Delta Game Save

    so i hit a point in this game to where i just keep failing every single time cuz this mission CAN NOT be done in 10mins. at this point i dont care about finshing. does anyone have a game save they can give me? this is the one thing that sucks about games on vita. i will always hit a point in where i CAN NOT finsh it do it being to hard or BS time limts. also this is the mission here i cant pass.