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  1. where is everyone ordering the strike parts from?
  2. so after dodging a bullet with the ankles, i decided to transform the SV and place it into my display cabinet. man. the QC and plastic quality on this jet sucks. left leg, when extending to Gerwalk mode, the upper thigh, knee area extends out, there is a tiny peg that is inserted to keep the two sides of the knee in place, and on mine, it just seems the peg is too short. the peg is popping out of one side and its not like you can push in the otherside of the peg to catch it. the plastic around this peg hole seems very fragile too, to the point where i dont want to transform it into Gerwalk anymore after this 1 time, at least in Battroid mode, these parts slide back into the leg and retract back inside, so that loose peg isnt a problem. but still.. very annoying. After Battroid transformation was completed, the wing fold /shoulder piece where you have to clip in the arms is already seeing plastic stress marks, and that's all due to the pivot design of that upper shoulder piece. (you know that little flap that needs to go up) and you tab/place the back to the rounded edge of the shoulder.. man that was a dumb design. to make the plastic that thin. It's an impressive piece if only in fighter or battroid, but with gerwalk and the limited feet angle placement. i give this a 7/10 on execution, unlike their other Zero toys which i have (A,S, and D) were all very impressive...
  3. isn't that a sigh of relief? same feels when i opened my box to find correct ankles. lol. our hobby shouldn't have to be like this.
  4. so, whats really the distribution of bad ankle joints? did they say when they think the bad batch started? mine was shipped from AmiAmi around 9/3. upon inspection I lucked out and L/R ankles are ok on mine. My BIL's from NY is inbound and he hasn't received his yet to check..
  5. may i suggest you change to a different hand soap? or use lotion. dry skin could inadvertently sand off the tampo paint on the premium versions. haha. jk
  6. mine just arrived via DHL from Amazon. Exterior Amazon box, slightly damaged, however black box was fine. the only thing is.. the black box is like. really really not impressive at all. lol
  7. I didn't think this was as hard to get as the VF-25s / -31s.. I might be wrong.
  8. my RA is at the post office to get picked up... in other news, saw that HLJ has more Arcadia VF-0A available. lol. i guess with the armor, they re-released a bunch more jets to go with it!
  9. picked up a Reximus Prime 2.0 (oversized KO of the Masterpiece Grimlock) overall impression: its pretty neat. Paint is a little scratched off the top of his head but its ok. Left side is my US Grimlock. Hotwheels to scale.
  10. I mean. with the 935 Porsche race car had some ridiculously high side skirts and rear bumper designs, so props to Maketoys in trying to get it vehicle correct. but with that, you get the leg kibble coming down under the chassis... prob a design tradeoff since they couldn't tuck the leg hinges and everything underneath... too bad-
  11. ugh. boo.. thanks for the quick response- well, I guess can either wait for if/when official Takara release or just always keep him in Bot mode. I saw the online Chinese review of him, I thought it was really well done but they purposely didn't show the rear! also. who needs four VF-31Js?! I cant even get one. sheesh.
  12. how do you like the Downbeat? is the rear bumper really detached in alt mode? all the preview images from behind have like the white part of his rear bumper way below normal, not sure if its Jazz's shins or was a mis transformation.. I like Maketoys more than Toyworld.. but hesitant on purchasing either of them...
  13. I have this figure, as well as the C2-B5 from Disney store.. overall impressions: Eh. display is fine, playability suffers due to articulation limitation from being die-cast and the joints. the C2-B5 can seriously be used as a weapon if $hit hit the fan as it is so heavy and dense, you can throw it at someone since it weighs like 3#.
  14. a few words of encouragement post-convention.. please don't take it as nit picky just want to make the convention more engaging? Sign in: The bottle neck was getting people into the door. I showed up at ~11:30 and the line was pretty much back to the street. It took me close to 30 minutes just to enter the door, and then when I purchased my ticket (at the door) there was no change available, I was able to get change later, but it seems to be this was a complete oversight. Small bills needed to be available as soon as the doors were open. There could have been signs for PRE-REG and DOOR that could have made checking in easier. I did see people that had pre-registered printed out things with a QR code, not sure if people were scanning them or not. I would have thought that would make it move faster. Activities: This was my 2nd convention. My first was a couple years back, but it seemed about the same? Maybe the first time was more exciting cuz it was the first...but both times, I couldn't stay the whole time. I was expecting more Delta stuff since its new, but there was like 1 model? One of the things that was cool was the giant cockpit display in the back area. Maybe next year if you had a few wooden cut outs of a Valk or Zentradi, or whatever with a hole for your head to poke through or something fun like that you could take pictures with, could add to the experience. I had my kid with me this time and she kept saying it was boring and nothing to do. I know she wouldn't be interested in the panel discussions, but perhaps a kid play fun area next time (i.e. build a mech out of Legos? paper crafting or coloring in a valk? or something to get the next generation into it would have been neat). TV screen setup looping old episodes, or an old playstation with VF-X playing or something interactive. Food: The food truck was pretty tasty. Thank you for bringing it out. the parking out back has plenty of room for more trucks. Vendors: Its nice to see the vendors supporting the convention; however the pricing on everything seemed above market rate, unless you wanted a open/damaged box which it is what it is... Didn't see any convention exclusives, maybe I missed it. I do live locally to this event, and I can see how this might have jaded my experience since its just down the street from where I live and I didn't have to make travel arrangements, etc... if any of the organizers for next year would like assistance for my kid area suggestions, I wouldn't mind volunteering for that if time (and wife) allows.
  15. VX31

    Bandai DX VF-31

    HLJ server was lagging alot when i tried to pre-order at 0015 PDT on monday. I didnt successfully check out the cart until 0040ish because of server time out. i got all the way to the confirm order page and timed out. i hit refresh and i was able to click confirm, but never got the successful purchase page, however i did get the confirmation email.... this was the one and only order i attempted to get. you would think with such a high demand item, HLJ should do a lottery system instead of a free-for-all cluster fuk. everyone that wants one, email this, then day of release randomly select, but still do their cross check of one order per address or something. kinda like how LEGO does it at ComiCon for the right to purchase their limited stock..
  16. VX31

    YetiStand Alpha.

    geez sorry for the delay in response. no i'm just a systems engineer. but i do have friends that program / design web interfaces that could help you out.. doesnt have to be that elaborate. could just be a simple design tree with link clicks... the beta stands look pretty good- have options for base etching? (skull logo, or VF-XX or etc vs the yeti logo?)
  17. VX31

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Hi Yeti. i haven't read through this 56 page thread entirely. but.. do you have an online configurator or easy pull down menu so that you can see what the end stand will look like with the optional arms? or a pre-set package, if you say, want to replicate the three ship fightermode VF-1 display? like. "how many valks do you want to display on one stand?" 3. "In which mode" Fighter. "here is the suggested arm configuration required: XXX" just a suggestion.. thanks
  18. VX31

    Bandai DX VF-31

    lol. you guys are funny. lets be real. y'all are gonna order one of each anyway. and those with the $$ will buy three for each mode.
  19. VX31

    Vf-0 vs SV-51

    badass picts amigo. hope they retool the SV line again.. i totally missed out when i was a poor college student.. but now i has monies for 0S!
  20. Thank you for the URL these will be 'just in case' for my 0D, 0A, and (hopefully not to be used) 0S.
  21. and to think the whole time i thought the delicate small parts on the Valks were assembled by the delicate hands of small Chinese kids..
  22. This is such a sick shot. makin' me want to find a Ghost on ebay... ugh..
  23. i was there, the selection was nice. but some prices were higher than ebay prices...
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