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  1. well as the description says, I dont know is this just me or maybe is a new rule, but I can not see the messages in my sent mess box that I have sent to other members in the forum . could someone please explain ? if this a dumb question please be gentle. best regards xfing
  2. xfing


    nope!! lonewolf is not kidding. I remember back in I think 2000 or 2001 before bandai remake their 1/55 series this joons were actually pretty expensive around 80 to 100$ sometime more, I saw one on ebay that time that the seller had misspeled the name of it and bid on it ,if I remember correctly I think I got it for 30-35$ , man was I happy for it!! then!!
  3. mister_e , Thanks for a smoth transaction and for giving me some slack on the shipping all the way to sweden . many thanks best regards. cristian
  4. Hi guys. After doing a little search in te forum I found this topic. I am looking for something like this I mean a MKII viper from galactica, since I ever have seen one of this models in real life here in sweden i wondering if someone of you can point me in the right direction to purchase one ,not to pricey , about the scale I dont know but I think 1/24 or 1/48 will be to prefered. I have seen a few in ebay but they are plastic models 1/12 I think. I will like one in resin like the dobber have in this page. greatmoose were can I find this MJ company? Your information will be aprecciated. thanks
  5. Sorry for bumping this tread, but I really want those dvds. Please somebody, anybody could do me this favor?????
  6. could any of you Guys help me to get this dvds , since they dont shipp outside northamerica. PLEASE at those prices I have to try anything. I hope that some nice soul in this wonderfull forum can help me . I`am in the SSL and I will use paypal for sending the money to you. Best regards. Cristian
  7. I want those dvdboxes from adv for 15$ to, but after looking throw their page they dont shipp outside USA, and I live in europe . Could any of you guys buy this dvd boxes for me at this price and shipp it to me, I pay you in advance with paypal if you want. please!!!!!! I`am in the SSL. hoping that you guys can help me with this. Best Regards. Cristian.
  8. A friend of mine came back from japan a few days ago with a 1/60 VF-1J armored valk for me, is my first one and I love it, but I can`t find the shoulders adds/pads (page 6 number 12 in the aromored pats transformation manual) in the box . so I wonder how can I do to get this parts from yamato or maybe one of you guys. thanks for your help. best regards. cristian
  9. Hola nico. That is a badass custom, more pics!!!! muy bueno!!! De parte de un chileno loco perdido en europa. cristian
  10. I want one to pleasssseeeeee!!!! pm`ed you. Best regards. cristian
  11. well I don`t know if this is absurd or not, sounds a little to nice to be true, a strike valk (the old one) for 47$ and alot more vintage toys for the same price. could it be true??? see for you self. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5553306541&rd=1 cristian
  12. Had a very nice transaction with DARTHOOD and I`am very pleased with my first 1/60 armor. fast shipping only 4 days to sweden !!!!! Now I only have to buy another 1/60 since the armor does not fit in the one I have, but who cares!!!! Thanks todd best regards Cristian
  13. Truly the work of a master!!!!! MW cheng, you are my new idol. Gosh, I can`t stop looking at it. Please keep up the god work and your step by step , I learned alot from you. muchas gracias MAESTRO. cristian
  14. tjena. Born in Chile and Living in sweden since 87. I think Iam one of the few macross fan in sweden. LOL
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