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  1. Agreed, The similarities to Macross were incorporating multiple missile launchers, Targeting the missiles like Roy did in Macross Zero, and the pacing of the last fight like Guld had against the Ghost in Macross Plus. Just my thoughts. I though it was a good film with lots of heart! Way better than the latest Pacific Rim!
  2. Has anyone seen this yet! lots of respect to Macross in the last fight scene!!
  3. RedLion

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Great shots Members! Even in these shots they are not as bulky as the ones on the new toy! Bandai knows how to message a design to get it just right, their final solution looks like a horrible afterthought!! I also agree a bit longer wouldn't hurt!!
  4. RedLion

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thanks for the reply Cannon Fodder. I figured that that was the case! They still should have slopped it down some to give it a sleeker profile. Here is my preferred look Just the designer in me! This would make it look better in fighter mode as well! Please not the photo I attached is modified form the one you posted.
  5. RedLion

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I still don't understand?! What was the reason they used the boxy heal for the toy. It just doesn't look right!!
  6. RedLion

    Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Who makes this toy? Looks pretty cool. Giant Robo is one of my favorite OAV's! Any die-cast in this one?
  7. RedLion

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Video is up!
  8. RedLion

    All things Voltron

    New Lego Voltron coming out! $179.99 https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Voltron-21311?CMP=EMC-VIP2018_06_28_Voltron_EN_US&HQS=Hero_A_CTA_NA_EN&RMID=VIP_2018_06_28_Voltron_Announcement_NA&RRID=3361523
  9. RedLion

    All things Voltron

    Here is a scan of some of the pages that come in the booklet. I wish I could read Japanese!!
  10. RedLion

    All things Voltron

    Here are a few Quick shots of the toy, please forgive the blurry images. Need to set up lighting better as I was rushing to shoot some photos for you all. The photos don't do the toy justice as there are many qualities lost in the photos. I also did a quick comparison from the 80's Bandai version, Toynami, and the new SOC! Toynami just stinks in comparison! I only liked the Toynami version initially because if the longer legs on the red and green lions. The sculpts on the Toynami are horrible and out of proportion! I still prefered the 80's version until now. Possibility is incredible with legs of the lions being able to spread sideways to get a wide stance. The bodies are plastic with die-cast parts for the legs giving them some good weight. I don't mind the lack of die-cast on the red and green lion at all, because they have many posing possibilities. The yellow and the blue lion's legs are mainly die-cast and to me are the best proportioned lions in the set of any Voltron / Golion toy. Overall I'm very satisfied with this toy and the features! I'll take better photos and compare the formed robot form as well.
  11. RedLion

    All things Voltron

    Non so far the quality is exceptional! I will hopefully Have some comparison shots showing the 80's toy and The Toynami version. I did a quick comparison with the Toynami today, and the SOC blew it away completely! The sculps are beautiful on the SOC, while Toynami's version has bad proportions all the way around. I wish the SOC packaging used thicker card board and had more of a premium feel! However the double packaging is a very nice touch, including the Voltron name on the slip cover with the Golion branding on the main box! This is toy design at its best and I am quite happy with the over all look and feel of the toy. No need to remove green lion and red lion's tails for forming the super robot! Only gripe I have is with the Black lion's gap on the front legs, not sure why they couldn't work around that issue? I know it has to do with the legs folding back in on themselves for the super robot mode, but I still think that could have been fixed. Over all I love the fact that they used die-cast for parts of the legs and polished them to get the chrome look. I wish they would have used it over the majority of the legs for the Green Red, and Black lion. Beautiful product to say the least!!!
  12. Not happy at all with this series! Lacked emotional fortitude! In the flashback scenes, is this the crew from Megaroad? is that Misa And Hikaru? No Minmay?! They are wanting to show Minmay again but aren't shure how to reintroduce her. Rember the TV series for frontier the Zentradi that was playing with the trains had a picture of her inside of a locket. But she never was shown in any of the Frontier movies.
  13. RedLion

    A.R.M.D. In Paper

    1 inch equals 50 meters is how I scaled the model in Illustrator.