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  1. The USA domestic release of Macross II has subtitles. The 'movie' version is just the individual episodes run together without the credits replaying. Long out of print but not hard to find and not too pricey. There is also a subtitled version of Love Live Alive available in the last Robotech box set that is easily found inexpensively as well.
  2. Is there a transcript or summary of what was said at the event buried in here somewhere? If anyone could provide a link I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. I'll admit that saying the two tie together really makes me want to watch them again, because I don't know that I would say that. The upcoming Orguss US release is as good an excuse as any in my book! To help you out a little: Orguss has a lot of time distortion themes in it. Parallel realities and all such stuff. As mentioned in the podcast, it drops quite a few Macross character cameos and references. There is even a recurring character that is a Millia doppleganger. The end of the story is very open ended so people like to debate it quite a bit. I need to watch Frontier again to refresh my memory... still have my import blu-ray movies to get through anyway!
  4. Sorry to honk anyone off but this thread is getting pretty long and I;m looking for an update: do we have any official statement as to how the title is to be translated? I know Delta seems to be preferred at this point but there was conjecture that it could be triangle or triangular at one point. Personally, I'm curious to see if that word could lead us to some clues as to the content. The 3 legs of Macross stories? The love triangle in each story? Delta= change? Could there be a 'change' in the Macross philosophy? Will the time travel element of the last video game 'change' how Macross stories or continuity works? Sorry if I'm just repeating what others say- any feedback or info appreciated.
  5. New to the forums here so 'Hello" to everyone! After a bit of skepticism (mostly due to my opinion of Palladium products) I've decided to go for it with this game. If for no other reason to have a collection of Macross models in the same scale it is worth it! I'm almost more excited to see the other RT series models- so many of them for the first time ever! I hope most of us can look past any dislikes of HG or other entities and help this project be successful.
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