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    1/55 Custom shop 2017 Edition!

    Thanks Mike i´m glad you liked the heads . Actually yeah Jerry sold most of my recast stuff in the USA back then. I really like the 1/55 so yeah pretty much everything i´ve done has been for those. Did do some VF1S heads (1/48) too. I´ll shortly update my website ( as well as i can lol i´m not a web pro ) I´ll post on MW some of my stuff when i have some armor complete. First will be the Ostrich. I want to do some custom stuff on that like that antena and maybe even make some structural change. I always though it should be a tad bit fatter for example. Also the ARm armor i want to modilfy. never cared for that very breakable clip. I would love to see more custom 1/55. Strange thing is that i haven´t seen a lot of my armor painted and such and i did sell a lot of those back in the days. I really like jung´s customs too . I still have some custom decals aswell, someone made those for my elint seeker/Ostrich conversion kits . Can´t for the live of me remember his name i´m getting old lol
  2. Rob

    1/55 Custom shop 2017 Edition!

    Hey there. i just came back from my very short summer hollidays and saw this post. I got to say that looks great all the stuff you've done on these 1\55. Actually back in the days there were 2 Rob's doing some recasting so it can get a bit confusing heh. I'm obviously the Rob from Robsthingies.com and yes i'm getting back to recasting i actually (re)did a whole lot of molds already but this is your thread so i won't talk about That . I guess everything is invented already LOL. the other day i was casting the arm armor of my Ostrich and found that it won't work for some reissues and such and was thinking about changing it to a clip on system like the Elint armor has but i suppose this is that same system right? I'm going to make it so anyways as it IS a better system. BTW i spoke with EXO about what can and can't be sold and i understood as long as it is modified it's okay. They don't permit the strait recasts anymore though. In the end everything is based on the origenal stuff so with that rule you couldn't sell any parts at all i guess. Luckaly it doesn't seem to be that stricked. Pardon my english it's not my native lenguage. Again i love seeing the 1/55 getting some love at it's still my favorite. Keep these custom 1/55's going .
  3. Rob

    Long time no see guys.

    Hah ..... ok didn´ t remember i went that far ... nice. I´ll have to give that another try one of these days
  4. Rob

    Long time no see guys.

    Okay i´m not showing anything here but i just wanted to say hi to every one as i´ve been away for a loooong time (what 13 years now?) Not even sure if the old guys from back in the days are still here . I didn´t realy know where to put this as there seems to be no *general talk about whatever* forums unless i just have a bad eye sight hehehe. I do have a question that you could consider belongs here, What happend to all the recasting stuff that always was on MW? i see it´s forbidden now? Are there any threads explaining to how this came to be? i can´t seem to find them. I did find some threads about how i fell in the macross black hole ahahaha . I liked that. . I was contacted for some of my custom heads and armor recasts last week and it kinda tickled me to get back to my old hobby. Hoped to relive some of those ol glory days heh . Seems like those are gone then . BTW mods if this is in the wrong section then i´m sorry, feel free to move it . Special greetings to Shawn and Graham who i see are still here after all these years. Greatings to Everybody. Rob
  5. Rob

    Long time no see guys.

    Hi there. wow always cool to see that stuff heh at least what i see there is partialy my recast right? The legs look like origenal parts . I know i was experimenting with color casting but i don´t think i ever got it that right hah.
  6. Rob

    1/48 SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie

    Gorgeous . And yeah it looks very much like yours.
  7. Vaya Macrossworld en Español . Pues nada soy Rob y vivo en España . (no soy Español soy Holandes ) Yo normalmente estoy en los partes ingles pero bueno . Saludos. Rob.
  8. Rob

    Long time no see guys.

    Yup here ya go http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=31664 Really? official? darn i never knew that .
  9. Rob

    Long time no see guys.

    Hey guys. Hah yeah it was because of you Mazinger that i came back to Macross and casting/customizing/recasting. I can of course understand the issues with copyright i guess when you have to draw a line you have to draw it. Havn´t seen anyone using their licences to make more chunkey monkey´s or their armor´s heh. *Hint to Bandai* I guess ill have to start customize the chunky monkey stuff hah. Thanks for the explanation Exo. I also wanted to continue the SDP but i saw a beautifull SDP already . is the SDP actualy copyright? Wasn´t that a fanmade ? AAAh yeah ValkyrieExchange , there was Jerry´s site vf1x i still have great memories of the time i was in LA for the MW con. Must say i wasn´t at my best back then, ( probably some of you guys that met me there noticed ) one of the reasons i left Macross then i had on my shoulders already when i was in LA. I had a hugh depression back then that lasted about 2 years. Darn thing about these things is that you don´t see it comming. At least i didn´t. The other was more simple ...cash hehehe Macross was becomming a big money pitt , new toys comming out and all. Was constructing my new house back then too . Resin and molding silicone was pretty expensive 10 years ago ( at least it was here ) so i just fell in the black hole hahaha. Oh well lets see what we can make heh.
  10. Rob

    1/48 SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie

    Okay so i know this is an old thread but i just wanted to say WOW, very beautifully made . I started this project like 10 to 13 years ago . Never completed it . I don´t think mine would have been as good as this one though. I always tryed to keep the casting side of it in my head. Great work. Rob
  11. Rob

    Macross / Robotech episode 1 CG progress

    I have been looking at this thread for a long time ,so how is this going ?as it seems not to be updated anymore . Lets hope that your still doing this as it all looks amazing
  12. Rob

    1/48 VE-1 (Yamato)

    i cant wait to see this its a very good project.
  13. Rob

    Dangers of superglue inhalation

    Hi guys long time no see. My 2 cents would be that mask and ventilate as if u use that mask but use the glue/resin/whatever stuff to long without venting u will breath it in still afterwards when u take it off. This is a very good and informing thread and should be taken very serious. I know what im talking about So do they .
  14. Rob

    6 Foot Long Daedalus Scratch Build Up

    I can only say wow that is a biiigg project looks very good too .
  15. Rob

    temp change of domain

    okay i dont know if u know of it but the registrar im with actually was now is registerfly.com but as they are beeing closed down im transfering my domain elswere ,so WWW.ROBSTHINGIES.COM is NOT working for now im opening this domain WWW.ROBSTHINGIES.NET as a temp messure ,it might not be up yet so please be patient. I also am trying to renew the site so it can be some time before its back on. Thanks for the interest. Rob
  16. Rob

    My Latest Sculpture

    can only do this ......... :o
  17. Rob

    iMacross Servers

    okay i always use azureus so i will download some stuff and let that on my server . i just pluged a new 160 gb drive so that should be able to hold some stuff. i could then throw it on an ftp server if u want but the upload here in spain is low (like 20KBs) (like 200kbits/s) so u can get like 700 mb overnight but if there are more then one connected well u can gues ive been away for a year or so but as i finaly moved in my new house i will have some more free time *sigh*
  18. Rob

    Mass CG project ...

    nice , this last pic looks alot better then the first street shot.
  19. Rob

    Mass CG project ...

    hmm yeah the newer gf 6800gt should be transformable to a real quadro fx4000. i think those are only in pcx not sure though. btw that gf 2 should be a brease to change it into a pro card. and allthough the benchmarks are not totaly real when you change it to a quadro you notice a big increase in speed when modeling , at least i did with my old gf4 ti4400. hmm all that stuff in mental ray im not sure how to use it yet as for now im still learning how to model and dont want to spend to much time (that i dont have) yet on learning how to render. that time will come i am thinking on how to do a proper daylighting though as mine stinks hey thanks those pics will most likely help me out also on how to model the parts together as for now they all hang in the air lol.
  20. Rob

    clear resin

    only thing i can say is that the best experiance i had with clear resin was with epoxy resin not the polyurethane one as the one i tryed out did nothing but give bubbles. can be it wasnt compatible with the rtv i used but the epoxy didnt minded it the mold burns out quick though as its really nasty stuff.
  21. Rob

    Mass CG project ...

    omg dont you have a rar file with alot of those type of renderings? btw what kind of pc do you have? 14 h for a rendering ?wow you must a buttload of bitmaps and lightefects in there. my pc specs. p4 2.8 ht 800 fsb dual band 1gb 400mhz ram graphics card fx 5900xt>softquadro fx3000
  22. Rob

    Stampeed Valkyrie

    yeah me to ill try the search
  23. Rob

    Stampeed Valkyrie

    doh?? if i ask that to my wife there will surtainly be no more sdp project. you know why dont you? cuz i would be dead thats why come on fulcy dont sweat it ,i cant help it that this stuff shines more now way that this is cooler then fulcys stuff im sure his stuff will look more pro then whatever i can make of this
  24. Rob

    Stampeed Valkyrie

    ow come on dude 10 years?? ill finish my house by the end of this year most likely and then i will spend alot more time on this project . i too hope ill finish it
  25. Rob

    Mass CG project ...

    anim test , its a simple animation its not totaly rigged or something just has all the bones and i moved them where i wanted to bone by bone. valk anim i did this as i wanted to try out some animation lol. i know ik know ! i should first finish modeling it oh that thumps up pose i made as i was making a skin for a friend of mine who has a ciber cafe and shop. the yellow i choose as a background so i could easely cut the valk out in photoshop.