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  1. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    The last one i made.
  2. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    NSFW - Nudity
  3. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    NSFW - Nudity
  4. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    Yes, it´s the Megaroad. -Megaroad Summer 2017- But not the Megaroad 01. Just a Megaroad class ship.
  5. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    Thx!! New work: (I will make a wallpaper with the bridge bunnies soon)
  6. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    Renders. NSFW
  7. My Fanart (by Bluegazer - Itanocircus)

    I hope you like it-Warning NSFW Content-
  8. F-203 Dragon II

    As I mentioned before . Here I have a video -workshop- 3D printing at the university where I study my career. https://www.facebook.com/guillermo.a.mestroni/videos/10209180301440473/?l=3959576343097334269
  9. F-203 Dragon II

    Update. Wings taking shape in solid.
  10. F-203 Dragon II

    After digging a little with solidworks, I realized I have to start from scratch. The idea is to do something similar to my other project. You can see how the parts are shaped to be assembled as a model kit.
  11. F-203 Dragon II

    Hi there! A quick update. I converted the STL file format to solidworks. Right now i´m using Solidworks 2015 x64 -Windows 10 Pro- So, i hope to make improvements and use the tool textures in solidworks.
  12. F-203 Dragon II

    Thanks! This is a previous model , I did in sketchup , as a concept. https://www.facebook.com/guillermo.a.mestroni/videos/10206051769349126/?l=4221615502894803251
  13. F-203 Dragon II

    Sorry for the delay. I was busy with college. Recently finished learning to use SolidWorks. So after finishing my other projects , I will rebuild the F- 203, with more accurate measurements. My other project:
  14. Radio controlled Valkyries

    More videos!