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  1. ivorysniper

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    October won't bee too productive for Hasegawa. No Macross-related content to be issued, out of only 11 items, as of today. Hopefully November will bring something really worthy of melting the wallet on it.
  2. ivorysniper

    Which Macross Fleet would you be a part of?

    The one that colonized Eden.
  3. ivorysniper

    Macross Master File

    A Super-packed VF-11 with underwing-loaded AMM-112SQ ? A VF-1 with VF-11's Super-Pack propulsion/HMM units ? ... and also AMM-112SQ loadouts ? I'm definitely going to like this Macross candy rush !
  4. ivorysniper

    Hasegawa VF-31

    Thanks for the heads up, @kajnrig !. Might get this one if Hasegawa includes a big water decal of Ms. Nakajima I can use to dress ELINT radar dishes like the custom Catseye @PetarB did years ago. Always liked that idea.
  5. ivorysniper

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    Meanwhile at Hasegawa's NPD rooms... Makina Nakajima-liveried VF-31C for September. Props to @kajnrig for the scoop !!.
  6. ivorysniper

    Hasegawa VF-31

    Boxart for the VF-31F + Lil's Drakens is now posted on Hasegawa's Japanese website.
  7. ivorysniper

    Hasegawa vf-1s battroid

    Awesome build !!.
  8. ivorysniper

    Macross Master File

    I agree with you on the VF-17 not yielding enough material for the main character consideration, so the VF-171 should definitely take over. Softbank has already portraited its -11s and -171s on various VFMF books (even an RVF-171 !!). At least the 3D CAD work should be almost done (if not completely).
  9. ivorysniper

    Macross Master File

    Pre-ordered. Same here, I was holding high hopes for a VF-11 or VF-17(1).
  10. ivorysniper

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    +1. Definitely classifies on the top 5 !. Best info I have on hand is the VF-0 Master File. This one belongs to the Space Proving Wing, but there were other serial numbers assigned to combat squadrons, probably on the roles you mentioned. Long range interception is another mission I've always envisioned a tandem seater for. Although the fact of the Phoenix being powered by two EGF-127s, purebred gas guzzlers, can be considered a major drawback for long-range missions (unless there's an available refueling spot every 5 or 6 miles ).
  11. ivorysniper

    What will Hasegawa do next?

    More limited edition items coming back to production !. VF-0B to be in stock by late August... At this rate, I'll be able to wrap hands around the Moonshooter's neck very soon !
  12. ivorysniper

    Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    A quick question comes to my mind now: since the RVF-171 and RVF-25 use the same Aegis pack, is the dish antenna for the RVF-25 a custom-made design for Luca's bird ?. Any available data explaining the difference between both designs ?.
  13. ivorysniper

    MΔ - VF-9

    D*mn, Xigfrid !. That's an awesome piece of VF there !. Finally somebody showed some love to those little VF-9s !. Keep'em coming!