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  1. This review has persuaded me to buy this stuff. Gonna use it on my Wei-Jiang/Fire Scorpion Bumblebee-movie Optimus Prime!
  2. I've got to go with the SV-262. I'm not the biggest fan of Macross Delta (the anime), but there's so much to appreciate about the SV-262. A nontraditional transformation scheme not just for Macross, but for just jet transforming robots in general. A fascinating one-engine appearance in jet mode (even though it's really two engines). Such a menacing Anubis-inspired head. A Gerwalk mode that looks a lot like a Glaug. And just a very interesting nontraditional jet that looks like it can actually fly. It actually reminds me a lot of the Batwing (Batman's jet), and the pointy ears in robot mode make it totally seem like something Batman would build for himself if he wanted a transforming jet. The toy...uh...I mean, it's okay, I guess. The toy certainly does many things correctly. Gorgeous tampo. Certainly, it looks impressive in each mode. I love that the gun can swivel down and function like a turret. Even the microscopic little pilot figure is gorgeous, and looks nothing like other pilot figures in Macross toys. I love that such a beefy robot fits into such a slim jet with such a smooth belly. Seriously, there's barely any robot kibble down there. However, it has such a baffling, over-engineered transformation, it's ridiculous. Practically every transformation joint that could/should have been one hinge is, instead, several moving parts whose alignment needs to be exact. The transformation reminds me of FansToys' recent releases. I'm sure the engineering makes perfect sense in a computer 3D model where you can perfectly "move" things around without pesky physics getting in the way, but once you have to actually put it into physical form, it's like nobody played with it before releasing it. There are so many moments where I practically screamed, "The ONLY way I can do what the manual asks me to do is if this part goes through that part!" (which, again, is totally something you can do in a 3D model on a computer). I've never actually been able to fully transform my DX Chogokin SV-262 back into jet mode. I mean, I've transformed it back into jet mode many times, but I've never been able to replicate the tightly-pegged, completely seamless jet as it was out of the box. But, darn it, I love the jet mode so much, I begrudgingly bought another one to keep in jet mode. My first SV-262, I use that one to transform back and forth between robot and Gerwalk mode. The DX Chogokin SV-262 hurts because, one whole year prior to its release, Bandai released a transforming model kit of the SV-262. The model kit wasn't perfect, either, but its transformation scheme makes so much more sense than the DX Chogokin. Am I saying I want a fancy shmancy expensive DX Chogokin to be a mere upscale of a relatively inexpensive model kit? Uh...I mean...not really, per se, but this is one case where a freaking model kit does a transformation better than the much-bigger and much more expensive action figure. I mean, how often can you even say that? Plus, the VF-31 uses the same transformation scheme for the model kit and the DX Chogokin, so if it ain't broken, why "fix" it? If the DX Chogokin SV-262 was the only SV-262 toy in existence and there was no model kit.....eh......it would still be an over-engineered but gorgeous figure. So beautiful, but so poorly engineered, much like the VF-171 toys from Macross Frontier. No, SV-262 isn't my favorite transforming jet design. No, I'm not even saying Bandai's SV-262 DX Chogokin is the worst transforming Macross toy. But what I am saying is that the "How cool should the toy be be?" to "How cool is the toy?" ratio is sky-high with the SV-262.
  3. Awesome photos! But what does “gallery walk” mean?
  4. Question. I'm not too familiar with this mold. What's going on in the pictures of the bottom of the jet? I see that some kind of stand adaptor is attached by a screw. Is it easily removed? Do the two halves of the bottom of the jet not come together with the adaptor attached? And hey, free bump for you!
  5. Bought a used (but like new!) Bandai DX VF-1S from @max928. The price was great! Better than the cheapest price I could find on eBay. The figure itself is mint condition. He provided a shipping number and the package arrived in 2 days. Quick to respond to communications. I highly suggest doing business with this fine seller!
  6. I just received my VF-1S figure. It's pretty awesome! But it's looking naked without missiles. Do the old Yamato 1/48 missiles work on the Bandai version? The hard points do look rather similar. I'm wondering if it's worth it to dig up my old 1/48 Yamato stuff. I apologize if this has been asked before. I only just received my figure today, and I'm grossly out of date on current events. Thanks.
  7. Lord_Of_Tetris

    Hi-Metal R

    Random question. Are Hi-Metal 1.0 Strike and Fast parts compatible with Hi-Metal R VF-1s? And, are Hi-Metal R Strike and Fast parts compatible with Hi-Metal 1.0 VF-1s?
  8. Just wanted to brag: LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT USED FOR $70 AND SHIPPING! I didn't want to risk breaking the hand by squeezing the rifle in there, so here is the Nemesis Prime version of TE-01 holding the rifle:
  9. I just purchased a Hi-Metal R VF-4 from spacemanoeuvres. and I'm very happy with the transaction. Clear communications, quick response time, good price, and provided shipping information. Thanks, @spacemanoeuvres!
  10. I have one in Percival colors. I was fairly apathetic to which version of the YF-29 I bought, I just knew I wanted the least-expensive one I could find. I have no regrets about choosing Percival's colors. My rationale: I have enough Macross toys in Isamu's colors (Arcadia YF-19, Bandai VF-19 Advance, Bandai YF-19, Hasegawa's YF-19, etc), and I wanted something more unique-looking.
  11. To anyone that has theirs already: How necessary is it to detach the legs? Does keeping the legs attached on the bar completely negate hip articulation?
  12. Uh. It really doesn't fill me with confidence that those images for the VF-31J KO preorder are actually of Bandai's 1/72 model kit...
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