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  1. woopsie, didn't see it was already posted. delete thread as necessary.
  2. Well, my Michel Messiah is great. Armor stays on, except the hip armor, which isn't the end of the world. Overall, it's a very solid and fun toy, and it looks completely badass. Then again, I'm not the type to notice incredibly minor paint issues.
  3. Sure, Yamato will show us what they can do for Frontier. And then a few years later, they'll release a v2 that doesn't fall apart.
  4. I hope you're right. Awesome news if true. I'd prefer a vf-171 myself, although I suppose a vf-27 is unfortunately more likely.
  5. I have six of them and on all, the hands don't fit properly back into the arms, the arms don't really shorten properly and plug into the legs when fully shortened (or if they do, the toy is 'under tension'), amongst other issues. The issues with fighter mode parts fitting are remarkably consistent. I've heard many similar reports from other owners. Thus, I conclude that in the design of the toy, they didn't set the dimensions and tolerances of the parts correctly.
  6. Graham is right - the biggest problem with the Alpha is the poor design. Parts simply don't fit together right. That's a design issue, not a QC issue. On the 'QC' front, the only problem I've had with my alphas is the crumbly hands. I'm really surprised to hear these reports of stuff breaking off, I haven't had that issue. Maybe it's only with the later releases.
  7. Yamato makes beautiful toys, and they get the details right. But I don't think they're quite the transcendent toy designers they're made out to be here. Sure, they've perfected their VF-1 toys, and that's fantastic. But Yamato has a tendency to over-complicate their transformation mechanisms, to the point where the toy isn't fun or safe to transform repeatedly. Yamato needs to learn to simplify their transformation mechanisms as much as possible, and to use more metal in places where it can help them. I agree that they could slow down their releases. Times are tough all around.
  8. Whoa.. the people who've hated it all along, still hate it? and are still spamming the thread? what a shocker!
  9. IMO, the appearance of the CM's legioss is inferior to the appearance of the Toynami. I wouldn't say the problem is lack of detail - the details seem fine. I just don't like the weird nipples and the tiny heads on the CM's. Also, the CM's legioss is really lightweight, and the transformation is sort of unsatisfying - doesn't really 'lock into place' in fighter mode, if you know what I mean. The Toynami alpha has many problems also, which I've described in other posts. Overall I'd give the slight edge to the Toynami, but you could make an argument either way. As for the tread, I haven't
  10. I ended up with 6 Alphas, plus one blue Legioss from Aoshima, and I can say pretty comprehensively that no, the toy didn't improve during in later production runs. However, I would argue that the problem with the Alpha is more poor design than poor QC, but that's semantics.. whatever you call it, they don't fit together well in fighter mode. I had hand breakage on 2 or 3 of em, I forget. The Shadow has simpler hands and is thus probably a little more immune to hand breakage. For whatever reason, I had somewhat better luck with the Aoshima, although that runs contrary to most reports. On m
  11. Christ. Robotech.com gets the price wrong, automatically cancels your preorder, and asks if you want to order at the new price... and this makes them the 'worst company on earth'? Get out of your little fanboy bubble, child.
  12. I gave up on the revoltech line a while ago, the few that I own are fragile, unstable pieces of crap. By contrast, the Yamato GNU Mac+ valks are really sturdy, stable and fun. So I think Yamato comes out of this looking good, as they usually do when they stay away from transformation
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