Shibuyack Deculture Details Announced

shibuyackAs reported previously, MACROSS THE MUSEUM Ver.2.0, having been held previously at Takarazuka and Ishinomaki, will finally open in Shibuya, Tokyo for a limited time this February.

Featuring an updated version of the life-sized VF-1S cockpit, MACROSS THE MUSEUM will be the center of a larger overall event, SHIBUYACK DECULTURE which will combine an Oshare Macross store, Macross fashion collaborations, a Macross book corner, displays of art from MACROSS THE FIRST, and several Macross-themed food collaborations all within the Shibuya branch of PARCO Department Store.

Thats a heck of a lot of Macross!

The key visual for the event features Ranka, Alto and Sheryl (above) and will be featured on a slew of new merchandise which will be announced over the next two weeks. No event signings or guest appearances have been announced as of yet.

SHIBUYACK DECULTURE will run from February 2nd to February 23rd, 2015. To anyone in the Tokyo area during that period, be sure to check it out!