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The Perfect Director


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Why no Spielberg after 1984? :huh:

No kidding. If you ditch his post-84 work, you lose Empire of the Sun, Last Crusade, Schindler's List, and Private Ryan. Or is it suddenly not cool to like those movies?

I think what they mean is that the years just preceeding 1984 were the "brilliant and can do no wrong" era for Spielberg and Lucas. Public opinion and much of the film community praise was at it's zenith during this early time (though I'm not sure the date 1984 is exactly accurate).

Basically, the later films of Spielberg and Lucas were enough to sober the people of their godlike awe of euphoria in the two :)

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Glad you dug City of God, >EXO<

I totally forgot to mention that it has some pretty tough scenes to sit through - but I saw it at the theater, so pushing "stop" wasn't really an option. Glad you stuck through it and dug it.

I was also wondering why 1984 was so significant in Hirohawa's post... perhaps it's a personal year or something.

Also Mr. March -

Like Rodriguez says, every director has 30 bad films in himĀ  :)

This might be my new favorite quote. Good point.

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