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History and progression of the UN SPACY logo

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Hey Guys (and gals), I'm new and hope this isn't a repeat question but I did a search and couldn't find anything relevant...so, here goes.

Does anyone happen to be an expert on the UN SPACY logo? I want to make a decal for an FJ Cruiser that I'd like to theme after Macross/Robotech and want to use an "official" UN SPACY roundel. We all know the plain "kite" roundel graphic but I was kind of wanting one with the text UN SPACY around it, I found a couple online but I think they are fan made. Would anyone happen to know of any unique roundels, besides the basic one, that were used in the show, movie , or even in pre-production sketches? Any ideas involving "official" logos would be very welcome. I'll attach the couple examples that I found that I think are fan made, the one roundel with the stars is fan made but pulled from the movie I think, that's kind of cool. I might just make something myself but if I found something unique that is canon that would be even better.  Thanks guys and gals!

SDF 1 Roundel.png

SDF 1 Roundel reference.png

United Earth govenment roundel.png

United Earth Governmet simple logo.png

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Most instances of the UN Forces roundel are the standard red and white one.

There have been three separate versions of a ship's badge for the SDF-1 Macross which all incorporate variations on the roundel.  The version scene on the floor of Brigadier General Global's office in Ep20 of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series and the version seen on the floor of his office in the Do You Remember Love? movie are very similar.  They have the same basic design, but the TV version differs from the movie version you have attached in your post in that it has the normal coloration of the roundel with the red background and the white arrowhead instead of the colors reversed. It also has a block letter M superimposed on it and the text that accompanies it in the art book diagram has the UN Spacy on top left, SDF-1 top right, and Macross across the bottom.

Another slightly different version appears in episode 21, which has the reverse colors of the movie version but no stars and a blue block letter M superimposed on it. That version shows up in General Global's address to the ship's population but has no text.

Other than that, the roundel shows up on various items like cups of dishes in the ship's mess, though it's usually just the normal roundel formatted either as SD(ROUNDEL)F-1 or SDF-1 (ROUNDEL) MACROSS on things like cups, plates, and trays from the ship's mess.

Thereafter, the only major variation in the roundel was the Macross II: Lovers Again version, which changed the proportions of the arrowhead such that the left side is much bigger than the right. That version showed up in a number of different colors including plain white with no background color, plain black with no background color, the normal red and white, red and gold, and also green and gold.

Macross Plus and Macross 7 retained the classic roundel from the original series. It would not change again until Macross Frontier completely replaced it with a new insignia.

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1 hour ago, Hank Fokker said:

I want to make a decal for an FJ Cruiser that I'd like to theme after Macross/Robotech and want to use an "official" UN SPACY roundel. 

SDF 1 Roundel.png


Oooh that would be nice to see that on a FJ cruiser back!

Pics pls if/when you got your livery chosen and done...

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