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The Mecha Hack: Macross Homebrew


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Hi there!

I recently completed a minor lifegoal, and figured out a relatively clean way to run a Macross-flavoured RPG. If you'll excuse an act of flagrant act of self-promotion, this homebrew can be found here. This is based around The Mecha Hack, a minimalist ruleset itself based off 1st edition D&D. If you want to run a game, and not spend an excessive amount of time on paperwork, I can recomend it and the other "Black Hack" related games.




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On 2/9/2021 at 5:22 PM, GabrielV said:

Sadly, I know nothing about The Mecha Hack.  I've heard of it, but that's about it.  Could you explain some of the basics?


Its based around a very stripped down version of Dungeons and Dragons, where you roll under a stat on a D20.  The intent is that you can generate a character is under five minutes, and a DM could throw together a scenario in about the same time. Mecha can attempt two actions in a turn, although if you repeat one, you have to roll your Reactor die to avoid running out of fuel. This has a degrading mechanic, i.e. roll badly and a d6 becomes a d4.  Characters are treated as a combination of pilot and mecha, in a race/class sort of way.

Here's a video of it in play.


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