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Error when trying to change email address in account settings

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I've logged into here for the first time since seven(!) years, I was very surprised that I could reactivate my account after such a long time in the first place. My reason for logging in is to change my email address, as my old email account is hosted on a free email host that has been in the news lately because of security compromises (and a sale to Verizon). And I may want to post some stuff, too...

However, when I try to change my email I get an error message that I'm not allowed to use my current email address here. What can cause that?


Edit: Just checked whether I might have created another account in the time in between using my current email address and then forgot about it, but the boards don't recognise my current address at all. So I don't understand :huh:

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Could you PM me your email address please? (the one you want to change it TO, not current)

We have something called "IPS Spam Service" enabled on the site, comes with the board. Perhaps it is flagging that domain somehow?

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