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Looking for Fire Bomber-ish Rock Music


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Tried the search function, and even regular search browsers, but wasn't able to find anything like what I'm looking for. The title is also a bit general, I'm not exactly looking for other J-rock bands like Fire Bomber/Hummingbird.

What I AM looking for is english-language music and individual song tracks that are of a similar rock style, possibly even with co-ed vocalist teams, that I can purchase and work out to. I also already own the Fire Bomber American album in all its glory, so no recommendations on that one please :lol: Think more like, "if Ozma Lee had to shop on American iTunes, what would he buy?"

Admittedly, I am extremely deficient musically, and your first thought was probably "this guy's asking an insanely broad question," but please bear with me. I never listened to much variety as a kid, and more than likely would have heard the "Weird Al" version of most songs without ever hearing the originals. I listened to quite a bit of techno as a teen, but now that I'm older and work out regularly (mixed martial arts, and teach submission grappling), I'm looking for something with more of a rock element, or FIYAHH, if you will. I'm a huge fan of all the Macross 7 tracks, and they're on a loop when I work out solo, but it wouldn't do me well to lead a class with a bunch of Japanese rock music. On the other hand, I'm also kind of sick of the constant heavy/rap metal that most gyms play, and contemporary music completely turns me off - I listen more to news radio in my car now than music stations because I can never find something I'd like to listen to.

I did discover one band, called Rev Theory, who have some tracks out that really struck me as having a similar feel to songs that Fire Bomber would sing, albeit with slightly edgier lyrics. I actually walked out to one of their songs for my debut/only/retirement fight. I know it sounds corny, but I tend to associate music with scenes or events (probably why I like showtunes and movie scores so much), and a couple of their tracks always make me think of Macross 7:

Hell Yeah (reminds me of Holy Lonely Light, when they fight Grabil the first time)

Broken Bones (reminds me of My Soul For You, rehabilitating Spiritia-drained pilots)

I know there's a lot of musical experience and talent on the boards here, can anyone provide me with a few recommendations? It'll save me quite a bit of trouble trying to sift through dozens of "this is Rock" compilations.

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Fellow Texan here...I know this may sound crazy...but try out some Dragonforce! Yes, it's kinda speedmetal crazy sounding stuff, but try their two albums that are the most popular. Inhuman Rampage and Ultra Beatdown. The harmony's and lyrics come together in what really makes me think of a kind of heavy metal "Firebomber" sound! For example..one lyric is "So, fly for the last time, the fire burns within...." Your friends will look at you like you need serious mental health help when you turn it on in the car..but trust me...it's some great driving music that reminds me of Fire Bomber!

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