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New Banpresto Macross F Figures


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Scooped a few days back by forum user CF18, and later followed up on with further pics by Reivaj and nanoplasm, Banpresto has revealed the latest additions to their Macross figure lineup. These are 'prize figures' for UFO catchers (commonly found in most game centers in Japan).

The first of these are a new 3-figure set in the 'Chibi Kyun Chara' lineup - ' Macross 30th Anniversary Songstress Collection.'


Next up is nurse versions of Sheryl and Ranka.


Finally, in a crossover that no-one imagined, a Sheryl in Basara-cosplay figure! Here's hoping that this is only the first of several such figures because its looking great!


Being Prize Figures, these technically cannot be sold, but most good online figure stores tend to get a carton or two so they shouldn't be too hard to get for anyone who is interested.

More pics can be found in the original thread in the forums.

Read the full story here

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