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...Does MW really have 4,506 unique members? I've always been wondering just how many of those are truely unique and not a 'second account' if you will. I dunno if you guys can answer my question or not. Regardless, thanks either way (at least for taking the time to read this).

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Well, if you consider each account to be a "unique" member then we do indeed have over 4,500 members. Of that number you can count "active" members, banned members, folk who never come around any more and everybody else who has ever signed up for an account.

Just some info to add balance to that number, since January 1st of this year we have had 1303 members "active" and from day to day we have varying numbers of accounts "online" at the site. For instance right now we have something in the ballpark of 30 registered folks "online" and something like 60 "guests" (unregistered).

IMHO we are going to see an influx of guests and new members as Macross Frontier nears it's air date.

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It used to be around 2000 members with 200 active regularly. So I'd say 10% of registered is a good guess for those who use it often as opposed to once a blue moon or used it for a short time. We really haven't banned to many people have we? Can count the one's I've seen on one hand, but I stay away from the toy and model threads.

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