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  1. Ahhh I've missed this crap. no there should only be new stuff. You want SDF Macross? Watch the original. SCREW THE KIDS!
  2. I NEEDS to see something on the next episode! That cut-off was just too cold at the end!
  3. Well from what I've read it's because they're buying it back for insurance companies, increasing its value. Jeez not even a natural disaster can drop the exchange rate...
  4. The 7th fleet is based in Yokosuka, so they're in the area. I'm hearing my stepbrother in Hawaii's getting deployed to help, so even more is coming to help the region.
  5. So you're in Iwakuni too right now, huh? Yeah only had a network issue, but other than that didn't see anything from this.
  6. If you're super awesome at both math and language, I suppose. I suppose if the Japanese kid in my senior design could do it you could too, but if you and your instructors aren't comfortable in the same language it just adds burdens. The priority in study is to get that degree. You don't want to lose the big bird chasing after another one as well. Have you been out of school for awhile, seen some of the world? I've heard(and seen) people do better in college after being out of school for awhile come back and kick the pants out of it.
  7. Well where are you living now? Are you saying that out-of-state tuition is too much, so you're looking to go overseas? Doesn't sound smart with the exchange rate right now, but if you got some scheme on that whatever works. I'd worry most about the language-barrier. You probably dealt with a professor from a foreign country, being in engineering; was it really easier to get knowledge from him/her? In my experience, even when they're super-smart it isn't (hell just the fact that people are super-smart sometimes makes them lousy teachers, but that's another topic). Only thing I can add is did you check out North Carolina State University? I remember them advertising Mechatronics masters when I was in. And they got a engineering masters online course, so as long as you can pay the tuition you don't even have to move.
  8. It's like 7000 yen still, I've found it at 4600 used. I haven't spent more than 30 bucks for a game in 2-3 years, so I'm holding out for at least a couple of weeks.
  9. I'm surprised none of you mentioned Roy Focker's va did Mori in Detective Conan. It always amuses me how that same personally transitioned to a different career and another 10-15yrs ahead wouldn't work out so well.
  10. That 2nd to last pic troubles me...
  11. ^yeah that does look alot like Amored Core Uhhh I wanna pick it but: 1. too many games I haven't beaten/touched yet 2. still haven't finished Ace Frontier, and most importantly 3. if i enter one of those japanese electronic stores with their goddamn jingles mentally unprepared I swear I'll burn it down and laugh over the roar of flames as that sad excuse for a song dies.
  12. FYI everyone hates you they just don't say it to your face yes even your mom. So yeah get over it you losers. I think like someone was saying yes people do want to be nice when in Japan, I've been told as long as you can give respect you'll get it back. Ever notice most people foreign to your homeland try to be extra nice? Usually they're in a strange land and they know not to crap on it is the best method to see the most of it. Oh and on coffee, frak your weak sh1t real americans only drink the badass stuff around here.
  13. Someone needs to make that parody. Man in Black "Well you really blew it this time huh Jacob?" Yeah I still don't know what's going down. Thought Ricard would turn out to be at least twice that old, but whatever.
  14. I prefer that, as I always seem to forget which side square and circle are on so now I can just look at the screen. Reason I'm not playing is I'm not able to go out too much to get things and I see no reason to pay full price for games when you can get most for half off in this economy, even 1/3 off for the big-ticket games if you look around. I'd like to rent this one and knock it out in a day or two. I've found myself addicted to the Last Guy again. I've got three stars on everything except the DLC levels.
  15. So they're reconing Conan?? Probably the gayest thing about this thread, what Hollywood are attention span is only 15 years? I thought Triple H was continuing the tale. Not much on wrestling but he did have the look for it. All my weight goes to my stomach. Tried a few of the diets but none really worked except using the USDA's recommended food quantities and walking swiftly for about 2 hours a day and doing other exercises. But I really don't care about my body enough to deny myself food, as it's one of the few things I really enjoy in life. I just try not to pig out and not eat total junk. Had to deal will some bullshit and that kicked my weight up, I need to bring it down some.
  16. Well I'm in the SoCal area for training, so I can meet you guys or go to Vegas...
  17. So the plan is set - Tim and Eric must die
  18. The Source engine is old-tech, can run it (kinda) on my crappy laptop a Mac could do it. Same with the flash-games, but I doubt you'll be getting the big-deal sequels that have come out within a year on one.(or my crappy laptop... )
  19. SCREW YOUR PG-NESS!! Get that boy some manly-anime, like Fist of the North Star, Berserk, not to forget the newer Hellsing. Put some hair on that kid's chest!
  20. What no talk of MegaMan 10 yet? I was going to get it for Wii again, but I want to keep my hacks on it so I'll probably get it for PS3 at the end of a week.
  21. There is one for the second series of ps3's, which had software-based emulation.
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