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Found 4 results

  1. This really should have it's own thread. There are NINE volumes coming with the first out on July 22nd. YES...they WILL have English subtitles which is a first for a Macross tv series. You can easily purchase them from Amazon Japan, CD Japan, AmiAmi, etc.
  2. I've been collecting the Macross 7 Remastered episodes with Central Anime's subs...so far they have gone up to 14. This group, [VIP], do they have a website or anything? I just have no idea who is doing it, and if there is a source for news on their efforts I'd like to know where to go...and a place to voice my appreciation for getting this kind of work started!
  3. Sorry to mods and all users if this topic has been addressed elsewhere... But I am frustrated with having spent all of tonight going through old macrossworld threads and tons of internet searches. I have been collecting all of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray releases this past year. I was hoping to eventually add english subtitles to all of these. I have some experience with old fansubs for the original and HD remastered R2 DVDs. Even started, but never finished a retiming of a DYRL script. Other members here ended up doing a far BETTER job with their fan subs. I used to have an asiandvdclub account... but that seems to have been disabled. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out how to get back in. Unfortunately, I have not used it for years (with family and adult responsibilities). Additionally, the whole bitorrent landscape in general has changed from when I last used it... proxies, VPNs. I'm looking for timed subs for all of the official Japanese Macross blu ray releases. I prefer to avoid video rips with subtitles (like .mkvs). So what subs are you using? Which ones do you prefer for accuracy? How do you play them back or how did you remux them? Where can I find them? Any help would be appreciated. I am hoping to finish adding subtitles all of this summer so I can spend the rest of the year re-watching these.
  4. I'm planning to add English subs to my copy of DYRL BD and my initial forum search led me to these threads of interest: - Hurin's awesome subtitle upgrade (5/18/2005 Update): http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=13965 - Hurin's other upgrade (10/6/2005 Update): http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=13441 - Hurin mentioning re-timing his previous efforts for the 2007 R2 version: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=24267&page=6#entry546651 Although these were for older releases, I'm still interested (and only interested) in the SRT files that I can edit on my own (I imagine some of the timings will need to be adjusted for the BD release), but a few questions... 1. In the Working Files/Timed Scripts folder, there is an additonal "non-wide" version of the SRT file which ends on line 4481 (compared to 4457 in the other version). What is the difference (24 lines?) between the "non-wide" and "regular" version? 2. My first guess would be to use the latest update (10/6), but the SRT files between the 5/18 (macross-dyrl-r2-perfect-subs) and 10/6 (macross-dyrl-fx-subs-v2) versions all share the same file modification dates. Is it safe to assume that the SRT files used between the two versions are identical and that the updates/changes were only for the other files? 3. These were made in 2005. Has a more recent version appeared or were these pretty much already perfect, making further updates unnecessary? My plan is just to rip the movie then add subs and MKV it, so all I'm really missing is a good SRT file (that will no doubt need some adjustments). Interesting tidbit: my only other copy of DYRL is a "perfect edition" that I picked up at Amazon and I'm 99.9% sure it was built using Hurin's subs.
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