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Found 3 results

  1. There was some news from SDCC, and this is the first solid footage I've seen of this rumored game: Weird, the official website is now suspended. I can imagine the rage if this game sucks...
  2. Hey, folks. I feel like discussing Firefly. Do you guys know about it? Did you watch it? Apparently it was kind of a "big thing." I never actually saw it while it was airing on TV, and didn't even here about it until after its cancellation. I remember trying to watch the pilot episode a long while back and not really liking it (mostly, I think, due to the fact that most of the hype/praise I saw for the show was aimed at the setting--i.e. it's so very unique--which seemed very cliched to me). These past two weeks, I gave the series another a shot--and found that beyond the archetypal "space cowboy" setting, there were some really great characters. So, yeah: I fell in love with Firefly, about eight years late. In the past week, I've bought the series & movie on blu-ray, and last night I finished watching the movie, Serenity. ...and I'm not sure I really liked it. It had some good moments, some great moments, to be sure. I particularly liked the continuous shot of the Serenity early on, where you move from the cockpit at the front all the way to the engine room at the back. Really gave me a good feel for the size and shape of the ship that I did not quite get in the series proper. But it felt like the stakes were too high. Like, you know, it might have fitted as a conclusion for the series had it come after 5 or 7 seasons of slow-build up.... I don't know. It just left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Anyway, now that I'm done with the show there are two things I'd kind of like to comment on: 1.) WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL SO MANY CHARACTERS! That was just cruel. It's bad enough the series got canceled after 1 season, but then to straight-up murder two of the main cast in the movie sequel... that was just horrible. I feel like it was done mainly for shock value. Really didn't like that at all. 2.) Good God, Reavers. I think they're the only zombie-type monster I've ever seen that is genuinely frightening. Hell, I'd say they're easily the most frightening alien I've seen in any science fiction, aside from possibly the Drakh in B5 (but I think they were mostly frightening due not to their inherent qualities, but rather what they did to Londo). It's so rare, particularly in science-fiction, to have an enemy to whom the -only- valid response is, "run like hell." I loved that. And I'm glad that the ending of the movie was able to maintain the scariness and threat of the Reavers, even though they served a much more "cannon-fodder" style role. And the whole "oh, crap" scene when the fleets collide... goddamn. Sooooo cool. What do you all think?
  3. Well, I just got back from the midnight show and I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, I really liked the movie as far as story, acting, progression and the action sequences. It's great to see the crew together again to further their tale. It's everything that you get from the series plus a higher production value that looks great. The audience was totally into it and I feel that it delivered. Which comes to my whole problem about the movie... I think that it delivered too much of the story too quick. On one hand I think it's great that they answered a lot of the questions that you had for the show, unlike X-Files where there was really nothing gained from the movie version. But on the other hand, I was hoping that they would leave me wanting more. At this point I'm pretty satisfied with the story of Firefly if it was to close with the movie they have now and I really have no desire for any sequels or the return of the series. My whole problem is that I WANT to want more. The story, as good as it is, doesn't give enough room for the whole cast to breathe. Each person gets their small scene, but ultimately this is Mal's and River's show. Hell the bad guy gets more lines than the rest of the crew... I know that this is the spoiler thread but let me warn you one last time... don't read further... I'm greatly disappointed that they killed off Book and Wash. I know it grounded you to reality but like I said I was hoping to see more of the rest of the crew, if not on this movie then maybe the next. But there's really no chance of that for those two characters. Maybe it seemed that their character isnt that important but on the show they were pretty significant. At this point I think that Simon is a character that is more dispensible. But oh well that's life isn't it, even though it's just make believe. I really have to give it to Joss Whedon though, these are pretty brave choices to make. The story is not less interesting, it's really a good movie. I just believe that it worked better as a series than it did as a movie. Stupid Fox!
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