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  1. Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've posted any builds on this site. I think the last was the 1/60 scale drone from Macross Plus....it'll resurface one of these days! My current project a 1/10 scale interpretation of Jim's jeep from Mospeada. At this stage, it's simply a MDF mock-up. I'm hoping to finish it up by the end of the weekend and get started on the actual piece next week. I'll eventually offer this as a kit. I hope you enjoy. More soon.
  2. Previous thread, on it's last legs. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=27475 Ride Armors: The Beagle is here, the Toynami is here, there's really nothing new until the Ray/Rey/Ley comes out from them, or MegaHouse/CMS releases something new. Treads: Toynami's Red is on pre-order, Green shortly after? Leigoss: CMS is releasing the drone! Toynami's Shadow sucked enough to be recalled. Nothing else new. So, off you go boys! Vostok 7
  3. Original Thread: http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=25818 WTF??? Closed already??? And no one opens a new one?
  4. New one to replace archived thread. Dont blame EXO this time... wasn't me. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=24189&st=0 Now where's that damn price for the Beagle?
  5. Hello, Just a little topic to talk about Mospeada line art and design... A picture of original line art (not mine sorry): I'd like to add pics found on Mandarake but unfortunately, for different reasons, i don't find them... Maybe someone could put them?? Mospeada line art seems to be rare...or not (compared to some others series)? We can find some mospeada sheets in japanese dvd boxset, some magazines, artmic book, EBs... Pictures seen on the web seems always issued from same copy setting ie but not really unseen.. Is it possible, one day, to dream for a real big book ( not only a magazine) who contains all line art of Mospeada ? Bests regards. akim.
  6. I appologize for yet another Ride Armor thread, but with all the releases coming I thought it would be interesting to compare them all side-by-side and explore the differences, pros and cons of each. I just have images of them combined with the rider for starters, and a shot of the original Gakken to see if the new kids can live up to their daddy's standards. They all look so good. I personally like the styling of the Megahouse version best, but the size of the rider on the bike is a little strange looking. Toynami's looks great, if a bit chunky. I mostly expect their QC to be aweful. CMs looks very basic, but it is an early shot and it could look totally different once painted. I like it though.
  7. HI folks.. I'm busy working on a paper model Legioss apha fighter. When finished, the paper models can be downloaded for free. Here's some pics:
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