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  1. 2205 is glorious. I didn't understand a lot plotwise, obviously, given there are no subtitles (I miss 2199 for this). But all 4 episodes are well animated, the CG is on point, and the story moves along at a leisurely passe. It has some quiet character moments like 2199 and awesome action pieces. Episodes 1 and 2 make the necessary prep with episode 3 hitting the ground running to get the main event of this hapter, which if you know the original New Voyage is a certain planet going Kaboom and the ensuing persuit of its neighbour and initial battle against Deda's fleet. Episode 4 ends with a bang of a cliffhanger which will have you screaming for February to hurry the F@ck up. Only slight dissapointment at this point is that the Opening Credits are basically a clip show, with only 1 new scene of Yamato flying by added at the end. Still, they did a nice work with the edits and although its nothing new, its not too shaby either. Just wished that with all the extra time they got with the pandemic related delays they could hae made something new. But considering this isn't a full series but only 8 episodes long, they probably alocated the resourses elsewhere.
  2. BTW... Anyone else here embarqued on the lunacy train, continued the Hachette Collection and is building the 1:350 Andromeda? No? Just me?! Still gathering my energy for the apparently nightmare inducing job that is all the wiring in those final 3 or 4 issues. Just hope all works in the end. Fingers crossed.
  3. The carrier (named Asuka) is in 1/1000 scale. The Deusler III (upgraded Darold-class battle carrier) and the green colored Guipelon-class carrier that were revealed along with it are part of the Mecha Collection line. All ships are part of the upcoming Yamato 2205 project.
  4. It was first announced along with 2205, and would have been released earlier this year, but then... you know, Covid19 struck and...boom. This movie follows the story of Yamato since her launch during WWII and sinking in 1945, the evolution of space exploration, the events we heard of in 2199 (the Inner Planets War, first contact with Garmillas, the Battle of Mars), the mission to Iscandar and the War with Gatlantis. The story is presented in a sort of documentary form and newly animated sequences along with animation from both series. It will be released in theatres on January 15, along with the special edition Blu-ray. Retail Blu-ray will be released in February. Both series will be re-released in two new box sets but in their theatrical edits instead of episode format.
  5. Yamato was back to its standard configuration, after it was repaired in the time fault and sent to retrieve Kodai and Yuki from Teresa's dimension. As for those sketches, they were made for the PS2 game adaptations of the Dark Nebula arc. The artist who made them is well known among Macross fans but his name illudes me at the moment.
  6. Despite some flaws, I liked most of it. I think its an entertaining adventure and certainly an exciting exercise in terms of eye candy. But some elements and Fukui's afore mentioned writing style did put it a few notches below 2199, IMHO. Some people, however, have taken a more radical stance and a lot of hate seems to percolate among some of the fandom.
  7. The top pages are actually for an upcoming web comic named Star Blazers Lambda, and from what I've read it takes place in a different continuity in the year 2099.
  8. Yutaka Izubushi is not coming back for 2205. The general director for the project has already been announced. As for keeping Fukui as the writer... my main problem is that he does go for grand story telling and spectacle but stuff happens and he doesn't necessarily let you know how and he uses characters to move the plot along without concern for focusing in them. 2199 was character driven, while 2202 was plot driven. As Gwyn Campbel pointed in his podcast "the characters were just mouthpieces for the plot", pawns in a game only Fukui is envisioning. And admitedly, the mecha action was a bit too bloated. Hopefully 2205 will dial that down.
  9. Judging from some early production designs shown by Fukui at the Yamato 2202 Concert this week, that is certainly the case.
  10. The parts in the Hachette model that tried my patience the most so far were the two tiny clear parts that sit in the bow, to serve as hull lights. Once one was already in place, I would try to position the other, just to have the first fall off its spot at the slightest provocation. It took me a while to finaly make them both sit in their place until the part that actually held them in place and led the fiber optics in was screwed in. Hurray.... until I realized in horror I had used the wrong fiber optics and had to start over.... that was a profanity filled afternoon. But after that, it's been smooth sailing. And 10% is already gone by.
  11. Both dubbed and subbed versions are now streamed by Funimation, after the partnership with CR ended.
  12. Gatlantis is, much like the Ark of the Stars, a device left behind by the ancient Aquarian civilization, this one called the Ark of Destruction. As for Gairen (or 4 eyes, as you called him...)
  13. Funimation kept all original names, so no Argo or Wildstar. There are two books coming out that are called Complete Collection Vol.1 (already out) and Vol.2 (March 29th), that are similar to the Earth and Garmillas books, published by Kadokawa. There's also Out Magazine which has official art and contributions from several artists like Umegrafix.
  14. Chapter 7, as in episodes 23 to 26. The 1 and 2 are simply stating the order in which these offers are sent to subscribers. Issue 3 included a Cosmo Tiger II. I believe those 3 are subscription exclusive but I may be wrong.
  15. Basically, it's a list of what subscribers get as they progress. First goodies were a box to store your parts as build progresses and a set of 3 fighter miniatures. Next will be a crew ID card and a plaque with Yamato's data. Final one will be a display case for the model itself. That last one is only for those who chose the premium subscription at Hachette's site. BTW, for those wondering, chapter 7 is a wonderful spectacle. Fair warning... episode 25 is titled "Farewell, Space Battleship Yamato". So.... there's that.
  16. I pre-ordered 2, 3 and 4 at HLJ as soon as they poped up on the site. Only 2 actually made it to the private warehouse stage. The other 2 went straight to backorder. Ended up canceling them and just purchased them from Amazon Japan who seems to have ample stock. Their shipping and costums procedures also end up being better for me as the issues get to me faster and with less assle (and cost) at costums. So for now I'm going with Amazon Japan.
  17. You do realize that even if you were getting the japanese Blu-Rays you wouldn't get rid of it, right? Star Blazers has been fully embraced by the production companies as Yamato's international title and is part of the series official logo... so there's no getting away from it.
  18. Yes, the Yamato in 2199/2202 is 333 meters long while the original was about 265.
  19. Well, this will end up costing over $2000 but at least you can pay it in weekly instalments. Also of note that a lot of the kit is die cast.
  20. It's a 110 issue magazine by Hachette that will release parts for a 2202 Yamato in 1/350 scale, sort of like DeAgostini publications like the one with Millenium Falcon. The finished model will feature several light and sound gimicks, controled from a dedicated control box. Final price tag is above $2000 but you get a nifty 95 cm Yamato and a Yamato Fact File style collection in the end.
  21. The reason he orders Zemulia's destruction is because Kodai has discovered a way to stop Gatlantis and Katsuragi is about to spillthe beans on how to get it. So at that point, survival trumps holy planet. Blow it up. That's Mars. The explosion was Andromeda-Kai blowing up. Overall, the AI's plan is to delay Gatlantis for 10 days, which is the amount of time it has calculated it needs to build a suficient amount of ships to go head to head with their current fleet. Even though those wall may be preventing warp, by episode 22, Gatlantis has moved past Mars and alarms are going off at Moon base and Earth.
  22. Not entirely sure if it applies to all black Andromeda-class ships, but the ones that appear in this chapter flying alongside the Andromeda-Kai are totally automated and controled by the AI system. Hayanami is the only one on board Andromeda-Kai as the system is mandated to learn from human experience.
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