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  1. Yeah, there's is also a 1/60 Votoms. News to me that they made a 1/6 and 1/8! Thanks for sharing!
  2. 1/45 is an odd scale, I was hoping it was a typo and they meant 1/35. 1/45 maybe the true scale and they did the ol switcheeroo on us by advertising it as a 1/48. And in that scale, if what the say is true as a 1:48, then that would be tiny compared to a 1/48 vf-1. Judging from the miniature ride armor to scale which looks a bit more detailed than predecessors, I believe it to be 1/45, some touted their legioss/alpha as 1/55 but in reality they (Toynami) just faked it till you make it by iterating on a 1:48 model that Imai sold for years. A couple things that concern me about the riobot legioss are the hands which reminds me of the distinctive and notorious qualities that Toynami’s Alpha had which where the brittleness of the plastic they had employed on that part. And another is we have yet to see how Sentinel will address the landing gears and if their legioss will be another belly dragger. Anticipating more photos from the show and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for when it comes to a definitive representation of the Legioss.
  3. New Legioss looks better than all the past incarnations! Here's hoping that the fighter mode is not a belly dragger. New Blowsuperior looks dope!
  4. oh wowzers! I think I had suggested this to Cap awhile ago when he was pitching and taking orders for the 1/12 bike accessories. Never knew this was a project. It looks awesome as far as it got.
  5. Hands down TOTY 2018! The only oversight that Bandai could implement easily is provide tabs on the fore arms and peg holes to receive the tabs so that the arms don't tend to droop down when handling in fighter mode. Clearly hands down the best VF-1 representation and presentation! Can't wait what they will do for the fully armored valkyrie set on this super poseable figure because they tend to be stiff and less dynamic looking.
  6. Minmay got herself some work done. The price you pay for being an idol.
  7. The toy is sold for ages 16 & up. This is guy is barely below the suggested age!
  8. Points of failure or fatigue stress points are the handle bars. Noticeable stress marks after using the wrong pair of hands for rider in bike mode. IMO they should've used diecast for the handle bars. The peg hole on the rider's boot armor to accept the ball joint from the leg armor plates; the leg peg holes are not glued fully so they can slide off from the boot when the thigh leg armor plates begin to twist and turn. Luckily there is a slot to reattach the peg hole piece back onto the boot. The suspension struts are a bit snug but after a couple of adjustments you can pose the arms without them popping out. Other than that it's a novel approach to transforming the bike onto the rider. Here's hoping they release the Fuke version with feedback from customer suggestions and complaints. Diecast handle bars guys!
  9. If they do release the YF-21 in the HMR line I sure hope that the leg gimmick are able to detach in high speed mode. It would be nice for them to throw in the ghost x9 just to round it all out.
  10. If bandai could repackage the destriods in threes like old 1:100 takatoku. I bet the will do really well.
  11. Nin Nin seemed to me to be much earlier at the gate followed after Anime Expo and Hobby Search to offer these to the public. The rest of the other online hobby flagships seemed to trail behind in the wee hours of the morning. Was that experience you guys seem to have when securing your order in? My bet for the next HMR would have to be the YF-19 followed after the 21 and to round it all out VF-11 with atmospheric boosters. For f%cks sake, Bandai is running a train on my wallet.
  12. Has anyone try to install the Yamato's fold booster onto the DX-YF-19? Just wondering. I have yet to get mine in the mail.
  13. Yeah oversized boots looks good onscreen but in realistic terms they are comically clunky. It's the ol' anime magic to make the proportions look appealing not necessarily functional. If I sprinkle anime magic dust on my pay check it would be comically larger sized paycheck but not entirely moving me up to the next tax bracket.
  14. One thing I was looking for in that review by Jenius is the burning question whether the vf-19 advance fastpack booster armor fit onto the wings of the yf-19. Other than that, it was great review as always!
  15. Well I'll throw my 2¢ in. A 1/48 VF-2ss or a 1/48 YF-19 making it a new collectible grade Super DX.
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