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  1. Ordered from HLJ. Hopefully it wouldn't get cartjacked at the last min Update: order confirmed. YAY!
  2. Kcsquare

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I tried to remove YF-30's missile container (aka stadium lights) removal so that I can fit the cannon But it seems to be fastened quite well. Being the chicken, I gave up in case I broke any peg and damage the toy permanently
  3. Total newbie here seeking help I just signed up an account with FJ so that I can bid on YJA After I made a deposit and when I tried to place a bid, I got this error msg "Currently, bidding on Yahoo! Auctions from your FJ account has been blocked. " Did I do something wrong? The deposit showed up in my balance Tks in advance
  4. That's what I told myself after getting the MB F91, then Blue Astray, then 00...
  5. Hi Lolicon, I'll be glad to take over your hlj order. I have PM you
  6. Kcsquare

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Yay! Finally got a "Preparation in progress" for my Kairos!
  7. Kcsquare

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I am in the same shoe. Still patiently waiting for NY to ship my single 31A to Singapore. But definitely not going to pay US$400 for it
  8. Kcsquare

    Hi-Metal R

    Stand not included. I am using Tamashii Stage Trident Plus, bought from AmiAmi http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-018925&page=top%2Fsearch%2Flist%3Fs_keywords%3Dtamashii+stage+trident+plus%24pagemax%3D40%24getcnt%3D0%24pagecnt%3D1
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