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  1. 1 hour ago, renegadeleader1 said:

    Plum has done kits for Assault Suits Leynos, Assault Suits Valken, Power D.O.L.L.s, and now WolfFang.


    Maybe one day we'll get kits for Metal Storm, Metal Warriors, MUSHA/Robo Alleste or Xardion as well.ūüėÜ

    I would LOVE an M-308 from Metal Storm!

    I actually bought the Retro-Bit boxset a little while back, and the figurine was part of why. But it was an abysmally poor sculpt, and the box set would've been better for not including it.

  2. 53 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    If they bothered with Valkyries at all, I suspect we'd see something more like the VF-X3 Medusa from the FamilySoft Macross games or a VF-25 with a permanent Armored Pack... something less like an aircraft and more like a heavily armored brick of a spacecraft built to carry the absolute maximum amount of "I want it dead yesterday" firepower.  Even a transformation would probably not be bothered with in favor of maximizing the ability to saturate the combat area with firepower and manufacture as many of them as possible.

    The Gunstar, in short?

  3. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Watching Pseudo-Harem, and to be honest its premise is feeling pretty thin even just two episodes in.  

    It's just two weird theater kids flirting in the most awkward way imaginable with little to nothing in the way of a plot behind it.  It's cute, but it doesn't feel like there's any direction to it.

    Wait, that got an anime and no one told me?

    I love those two dorks.

  4. On 7/12/2024 at 4:06 PM, Shawn said:

    @Darkwater  Can we add another chapter to this one?

    If the most recent registrar of the Macross/Bionoids is Chicken Soup for the soul (16:07 in the video) in 2022....





    Well they are now chapter 7 bankruptcy (changed from the original chapter 11), so who wants to go in with me and buy one title from them? LOL!
    Come on everyone, lets do a GoFundMe and free this title once and for all for domestic release :)




    Wait, THAT'S where the rights wound up? That's crazy!

  5. 2 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    Personally, it always made me wonder if the "machine world" V'Ger encountered (per ST:TMP) could have been retconned as the Borg homeworld.

    Guessing that idea has also been floated as well, right?

    V'ger's been connected to the Borg a few different times. Though Cybertron seems a more likely origin.

  6. 3 hours ago, mikeszekely said:

      To be totally honest, I bought this guy at Gamestop, where he's already in stock, but I kept my Amazon and Target preorders, and then preordered one from Pulse on top of that.  I'm going for all four Turtles, here. 

    Understandable. I'm legit surprised Hasbro isn't selling a 4-pack.

    I know they won't, but I want them to do a large Metal Head that transforms into a Party Wagon sized for a team of Party Wallops to ride. Most certainly can't fit four inside while maintaining any semblance of sanity in the transformation, but some sort of ride-ability.

    I'd style it like the original Kenner design instead of the modified 'toon version, too. Not even because of toy supremacy(my ideal OG Party Wagon is in-between the two),I  just I think it'd be cool to have it turn into the other version instead of a fifth copy of the same thing.

  7. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They went with the latter because it's transparently obvious they're hoping to sell racy figures of the predominantly female cast.

    And no lie, the only reason I was interested in the show was the character art, so I'm sad it's a trainwreck. 

    1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Basically, they established that AI drivers are incompetent... but that they still would've been a better choice than Rin Rindo. :rofl:

    At least we know she stands firmly in the "less than useless" category.

  8. 2 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They went with a "Yes, except no." answer... Team V-ZEN's AI system "Ami" is using both her driving and the driving of her competitors as training data. The story then comes up with an excuse for why it can't simply take her job, which basically boils down to the AI system being limited by its programming to avoid taking actions that would put human safety at risk. So they can absolutely crush it at time trials, but their safety first attitude towards strategic driving means they will lose the race every time.

    KITT instead of KARR. They've made the right choice.

  9. On 6/8/2024 at 12:59 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

    This latest episode confirms explicitly that Rin's useless and that they would actually do better to take her out of the car and let the car's AI drive.¬† After she gets in an accident and passes out during a qualifying round, the car's AI driving autonomously without her sets new lap records.¬†ūü§£

    So what I'm hearing is she's training the race AI by showing it what not to do?

  10. 5 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    The creative team working on Macross Zero seems to have forgotten that Shinsei Industry was founded after the First Space War and erroneously credited them as codevelopers on the VF-0... four years before the company was founded in-universe.

    There's only one reasonable explanation. The VF-0 is based on reverse-engineered technology found in the wieckage ofs a time-displaced VF-11. The Shinsei brand was used for these experimental machines in honor of the source.

  11. I accidentally found out this morning that Missing Link Prime has a feature of the original I just assumed was scrapped. The spring-loaded missile launchers are still sprung. Missile was safely recovered, but it makes me far more puzzled why they omitted the Roller launcher, when the latter has a significant impact on how the trailer interior LOOKS.

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