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  1. Here is the link to the patches for volumes 8 and 10-16: http://asiandvdclub.org/details.php?id=31431&edited=1 ericf
  2. Not to tread on any toes here (as if...) but I finished the subtitle work for the remaster box at adc. They are available for download there now. I used the scripts up to episode 40 from the VIP mkvs. The rest was subtitled using the Psycho KORps and Central Anime scripts. I had to OCR Fleet of the Strongest Women using the old avi. I had to do the same with the Omake Good Morning Mylene. I subbed all omakes except for the live videos and the radio dramas. You're all welcome to update the scripts with correct terminology and so on but now it's available for those who just want to get it subtitled on DVD. ericf
  3. While this is an old thread, I'd like to know if anyone has tried to write down the lyrics in romaji. She does sing in Japanese so if you know Japanese it would be no big problem. I don't and since I wanted to include those lyrics in the Macross II episode 5 subtitles that I'm preparing for the R2 DVD (If I can get it) I'd be most grateful if someone with some Japanese knowledge gave it a try. Mabye even try a transltion? The song is on the Macross II: Lovers Again soundtrack available at macrosshare.blogspot.com. Here is an mp4 version of the song: Thanks. ericf Here is an attempt at romaji: watashi no koi wa oruko oru yo kokoro no futa wo dochi te anata ni amu to kakushite iru yoku keno hitori goto wo naze anata ga kanno joron da mae guchi nishi tadake de mou daikirai na ute omou no kashira nami utsu mune ga kanate ru no wa namida ga mo eru oto
  4. So are the subtitles the same on the two releases? If the manga subs aren't that great (why not?), is there a better translation? No one has released this with english subtitles but Manga for all I know. Thanks. ericf
  5. I'm just making a post stating that making a subtitled DVD version of the Remastered movie can be problematic. EDIT: Only if you use DVDdecryter to demux the DVD will you get the correct chapters. Then you can use ifoedit to update with the menu information. If you don't use DVDdecryter you're in for trouble because of a layer break in the ifo. ericf
  6. Actually, for wording I would say NLA. They only subbed episodes 1+2, so the ones to get are probably [A-F_&_AF]. Not sure I truly like their choice of words though. ericf
  7. I'm just wondering a bit here. If the Manga subs are cringe worthy, what subs do you know of that are not? Can one download them from somewhere? Most F-subs that I know of didn't translate the subs themselves for Macross Plus. Thanks. ericf EDIT: I had som old Jacosubs on my HD. I converted them (with some trouble) to ass (Aegisub) so I could check them against Mangas subs. This translation sucks. Originally from Arctic Animation and changed/edited by Cactus Subtitling, it seems. Lots of dialog and song text is missing. Very chopped english sentences. Anyone have an alternate translation? It seems I can't upload the subs here. ericf
  8. Okay. My version says EBIRUSU, I guess it should say EBIRU SUREIYAA. Thanks. ericf
  9. I don't know if V2 of the G_P actually adds anything. Might be a subtitle change. So this is probably as good as it will get in re-encoded video. I'm wondering if anyone has a transcription of the japanese lyrics to the version of Cinderella that Minmay is singing in the movie. There seems to be an english transltion but since the text doesn't conform with the lyrics of the song from the OST, there are a few lines that need japanese words: This is from Hurin's script: 579 00:51:00,033 --> 00:51:07,100 When the bell tolls at the midnight hour... 580 00:51:07,100 --> 00:51:14,266 ...the magic will disappear. kushigina mahou tokete shinaruno???? 581 00:51:14,766 --> 00:51:21,333 At the top of the stairs... ?yubikiru youni kag(t)e onita??? 582 00:51:23,033 --> 00:51:29,966 ...is a pair of glass slippers. ?????ainai ???noe GARASE no kuzu??? 583 00:51:30,533 --> 00:51:39,266 Like Cinderella's love affair... 584 00:51:39,266 --> 00:51:46,266 ...mine's all controlled by the clock. 585 00:51:46,633 --> 00:51:54,233 Everything that can tell the time... 586 00:51:54,866 --> 00:51:58,533 Please stop... 587 00:51:58,700 --> 00:52:02,633 ...until day breaks. 588 00:52:02,633 --> 00:52:05,833 Please stop... 589 00:52:07,166 --> 00:52:14,666 ...until day breaks. This is from the G_P script. They left out a few lines: 579 Dialogue: 0,0:51:31.93,0:51:39.00,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,gozen reizino kanega nareba 580-582: Can't really hear what she sings. 583 Dialogue: 0,0:52:02.13,0:52:10.46,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,marude Shindurera no koi 584 Dialogue: 0,0:52:10.46,0:52:18.16,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,tokei chikakede 585 Dialogue: 0,0:52:18.53,0:52:26.13,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,tokiwo kizamu subete no mono 586 Dialogue: 0,0:52:26.76,0:52:30.43,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,tomatte ite 587 Dialogue: 0,0:52:30.60,0:52:34.53,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,yoakegakurumade 588 Dialogue: 0,0:52:34.53,0:52:37.73,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,tomatte ite 589 ialogue: 0,0:52:39.06,0:52:46.56,romaji japanese,,0000,0000,0000,,yoakegakurumade I realize that the japanese of those three lines doesn't seem to correspond very well in meaning to the english but it's sort of what she sings. Can anyone help? Here's a link to the english lyrics of the full song: http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/3009/macross.htm#CINDERELLA I went through all songs and places where there might be sub collisions. I'm having trouble seeing the lyrics for Ai - oboeteimasu ka because I always cry when hearing it. I'm not sure why but it's connected with the images in the movie and the feeling of complete relief. Thanks. ericf
  10. Okay. I am a bit finicky when it comes to quality. It's going to be interesting to find out how well I can take the excessive grain of the DVD. Lots of grain does hurt my eyes. I usually have very little to comment on the Live Action 1,4 GB encodes (other than that some are a bit too soft) but anime compresses quite differently than Live Action. Flat surfaces don't really exist in L A and they are plentiful in anime. Not easy to encode. I thought it was an encode of the original DVD because of a number of things, but since you pointed out things I didn't really know that were present on the rip, I realized you must be right. About the concert footage. It was unremastered on the Perfect Edition as well. I just don't remember it looking this bad. Key DVDs? As in Geneon's Key, the Metal Idol? I had them once but didn't like the show enough to keep them. At that time I didn't have a flatscreen computer screen and I only had a normal 28" CRT TV. Didn't see the problems as easily as now (though I did see them since most of the old DVDs were low quality). I have a 42" plasma TV now. But I'm using the flatscreen monitor to check for quality. ericf
  11. Yes. I have the same encode. Probably V1. G_P info from MediaInfo: Complete name : D:\(G_P) Macross - Do You Remember Love(x264)(C6F4E95F).mkv Format : Matroska File size : 1.57 GiB PlayTime : 1h 55mn Bit rate : 1952 Kbps Movie name : Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Do You Remember Love? Encoded date : UTC 2007-12-30 13:40:32 Writing application : mkvmerge v2.1.0 ('Another Place To Fall') built on Aug 19 2007 13:40:07 Writing library : libebml v0.7.7 + libmatroska v0.8.1 Cover : BELWEC.ttf / CUSHNGH.TTF / CUSHNGHI.TTF / DOMB.TTF / Essai.ttf / manjiro.ttf / spacg___.ttf / spacgi__.ttf And if you found these particular scenes that are only in the Remaster, then it is the remaster. I have the Perfect Edition from earlier on DVD. That's the one with blacks with little detail (and not really black). I was comparing with that. There are snapshots of that at animeondvd too. Did you watch the last part? The concert footage? It's so blown out that it's extremely hard to watch for me. The Perfect Edition end looks much better to me. As for the file encoding not being optimal, check between 13,08 and 17,27. The dark scene with Hikaru and Minmay. LOTS of compression artefacts and blocking. I am rather picky, I guess. ericf EDIT: Looking at your snapshots, most of the detail seem to be there in the mkv. The dark scenes seem to get a green tint, though (see files with Minmay: snapshot20080118165159 = DVD snapshot20080118170159 = mkv). And I can see very obvious blocking in snapshot20080118170159. It's there in most encodes but those from HD sources. And even in those when not encoded with enough bits. Anything above 80 minutes with 720p needs more than 4.3 GB to eliminate this kind of blocking. At least that's my opinion. Then again, if it's not HD people might not download such a big file... Thanks for the snapshots.
  12. Actually, no. I'm not too familiar with changing the original DVD source for an AVI. I am familiar with DVD, though. The G_P file has WAY too high contrast. Why do that when it would ruin the video? Almost none of the new detail present on the DVD (I've seen screen shots) in the shadows is present in this file. The light areas are also without any detail. Well, the result is a pretty nice subbed (nice karaoke and subtitle effects that cannot be used for a DVD script) version with rather ordinary-looking video (encoding is not optimal here). So if you just want to see the movie, do get it. It's soft subbed + hard subbed (japanese romanized at the top when Minmay sings). It's an amazing movie. Sad that it's not going to be released anywhere on DVD but in Japan any time soon. ericf
  13. I think there's only one file out there that has the Remastered DVD as source. It's the Q-R Raw. The G_P has absolutely no grain as it's supposed to have. I think this is a contrast boosted version of the Perfect Edition. The Raw is positively horrible. The "grain" seems to move as if blacks are really the surface of moving water. I haven't seen the DVD available anywhere on the net. If I could get a good taste (captures don't tell enough of a story) I would be able to decide if it's "worth" it to buy this set. Haven't seen the M+ Remasters (DVD) but I know the KAA release looked better than my US DVDs. Thanks for the subs, Hurin. I seem to remember some instances where the song subs were cut short because of intersecting dialog. Mabye that could be fixed in the new sub. The G_P sub uses ASS (Can't use that in DVD-authoring) and it's incredibly busy with all sorts of commands. Nice on screen (AVI) but of no use for a DVD script. It had some Hardcoded Karaoke too (My Boyfriend is a pilot at the beginning: 3.37) . Thank you. ericf
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