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  1. 11 hours ago, EastwindS2k said:

    I got a respond from Ark Model and they said it’s not available at the moment :( 

    I’ll post here if anything changes. 


    thanks for the update.

    at least it's confirmed they're the source for these?

  2. 14 hours ago, MacrossJunkie said:

    Looks like Battle 7 to me based on the details like the "shoulder pauldron" and legs.

    Unfortunately I don't think they're to scale with each other. The Macross Elysion is supposed to be double the length of the Quarter so... around 900-1000m?

    The Uragas are 550m so they'd be a little more than half the length of the Elysion. So judging by the pic, the Battle 7 is not in scale with either of the other two as well.

    oh, that's the Elysion! i thought it was the Quarter.

    so the Uraga is supposed to be 1/3 of the B7 but here looks like over 1/2, ie. too big

    the Elysion is supposed to be 1-2 to 2/3 of the B7, but is way too small here.

  3. is the bigger one the Battle 25 or 7? was it released earlier and where to get one?

    the sign on the back says __ K Models. there's an ebay seller named GK Models who sells MaK and Macross resin stuff. i wonder if it's the same.

    i suppose the MQ in the foreground is the Mechacolle? would be cool if the Battle and Uraga were scaled to that.

    definite WANTs!

  4. i was stalking that sideshow page for a while but i couldn't pull the trigger for fear of of the current shipping limbo and shipment prices.

    so it was fortunate a local PO showed up. the price is $345, but that's already landed cost. definitely cheaper if one does not count or mind the pre-requisite purchases, which i happen to want anyway. guess i got a lucky break

  5. finally scored a War Machine Neon Tech from a local store. so relieved not having to deal with shipping uncertainty (and cost!)

    was also able to place a PO for the holographic Iron Man. was made to jump through hoops though. to be eligible to place the PO, one has to have purchased or PO'd 2 other HT products in the past 3 months. good thing i was late placing my PO for Mandalorian w/ Child and it fell within that eligibility period, and the WM Neon Tech counted as the 2nd purchase. the holo IM was about 30% cheaper than usual. i suppose due to the lack of die cast.

  6. lol, yeah. blast would be an understatement for me. Sekiro has the distinction (or ignominy?) of being the only game that had me howling at the screen "who's the puppy?!" when i finally beat Lady Butterfly. on the other extreme end, i was in a buddha-like state of serenity and enlightenment when instead of running/dodging away and taking cheap shots to whittle away that flaming bull's health over a looooong period, i decided to stand my ground and parry for all i was worth. i took him down in seconds, thus my ascension to nirvana.

  7. 8 hours ago, Tking22 said:

    I'd also recommend Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, that one was also fantastic, great combat. 

    yep, Sekiro is definitely great. it's actually how i ended up checking out Jedi Fallen Order and then now Nioh 2. sadly, neither one is as satisfying as Sekiro.

    JFO i've put on hold. loved the story, setting, force powers, and even the platforming elements. but the core combat itself is a tad mushy, mainly because there's virtually no such thing as consecutive perfect parries, and there's very little incentive, if any, for doing so.  

    i'm enjoying Nioh 2 a lot more than JFO. there's a parry mechanic, though mostly optional, but there are other timed-counters with satisfying rewards, and blocks are not just an oops button. the sheer variety of weapons, skills, and move sets is staggering yet sufficiently distinct. you CAN bring a knife to a sword fight and still win, if you smartly play to your strengths. i am enjoying it immensely, but also for the same reasons, it is not Sekiro, which is singularly focused on its elegant and highly tuned core mechanic: parry or die. there's just nothing else that rises to the level of staring down the onslaught of a 7-hit combo and split-second parrying each. and every. frackin. one to create your opening. well, except maybe a charging flaming bull.

  8. 9 hours ago, Sandman said:

    I got an ex-gokin Garland for 24000 yen. I patting myself on the back for scoring a great deal on a new garland. Then the invoice came in. The shipping is over 10000yen EMS. Id this correct? Anyone else who bought the ex gokin? If so how much did you pay for shipping?

    from Amiami? i got mine from there at 30k a few weeks before it went on further sale at 24k. 

    fortunately it was shipped out before the shipping clamp down and paid 5k to ship. so i guess it kinda evens out.

  9. On 7/8/2020 at 10:29 AM, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

    Man, I'm just reeling from the nostalgia bomb sh9000 dropped.  It's sad that Bandai will most likely not make any matching Boazanian enemies for this Voltes to battle with. Maybe next gen Sofubis?

    at least they included a Bozanian saucer.

    i guess my cats can take turns as monster of the week.



  10. On 7/8/2020 at 9:37 AM, hachi said:

    So what happens if it gets taxed? Do I pay Buyee or DHL (this is my preferred option) or do I have to go pick it up and pay in person? With Covid-19 around I don't want to go out (yes I think it will still be a concern next year.)

    if you ship via Fedex or DHL and the shipment is taxed by customs upon arrival, Fedex/DHL will collect any tax due from you when they deliver at your door if the seller hasn't already charge you tax deposit upon purchase (eg. Buyee and most other sellers like HLJ/HS/Amiami). if the seller already withheld tax (eg. Amazon JP charged you a tax deposit), then likely Fedex and DHL won't collect any tax from you unless there was an additional assessment by customs. for all other shipping methods (including EMS, ironically) you will need to pick up and pay tax personally, except if the seller already withheld tax and customs deemed it sufficient. 

  11. 1 hour ago, hachi said:

    I was about to order last night and Amazon JP slapped me with 23k+ yen import fee! Info says they will refund it but the total amount was too much for my credit card :cray:

    I don't have any experience with local PO, I'll have to do some research. But at this big amount, I'm inclined to go with my usual suki sellers. I'll also probably check out US stores (as suggested), though I'm not in a hurry anyway.

    AmazonJP tends to be very conservative in their tax estimation, typically more than 50% higher than what the final tax ended up being in my experience. they do refund the difference though. unfortunately, that also incurs some forex losses as the conversion happens twice - your payment and then the refund. 

    the worst thing about this however, is that there's a fairly good chance that the customs officer looking at the import declarations will either simply take that higher tax estimate as fact (ie. no refund then from Amazon), or worse, include that tax withheld estimate as part of the landed cost (ie. part of taxable amount) -- essentially a tax on a tax :blink:. it doesn't happen often, but it can and has. so for my bigger purchases, i usually route it to consolidators/forwarders like Buyee so that actual taxes are computed upon arrival, rather than bloatedly estimated prior to shipment. domestic Japan shipping is normally free anyway for big companies like Amazon; so there's no loss there except time/delay. 

  12. 6 hours ago, hachi said:

    Thanks! That's a jaw-dropping 4k+ pesos for the shipping hahaha. But of course I've spent already thousands in shipping fees just in this toy hobby alone (not to mention on books and other stuff). Hmm let me just re-align the items I budgeted in advance for my Xmas bonus...:lol:  :cray:

    according to NY shipping calculator (JPN to PH): EMS - 8900 JPY, SAL - 5700

    Amiami/HS/HLJ shipping would probably be about 10-20% cheaper

    also note that when buying stuff >$200, AmazonJP will also compute for import tax if destination is PH, and they have a tendency to overestimate on the tax.

    you might be better off getting a local PO. there's a few of them still ongoing (Php 36-39K). the risk of course is that some of these locals might not actually receive enough stock from Bandai. the most reliable is Greattoys, but their PO is priced at 39k PLUS shipping. i would have placed with them otherwise.

    the way i see it, my PO from Amiami would probably be 56k+9k = 65k JPY or about 30k Php. if it gets taxed upon import, that will run up to 36k. so i went ahead and placed a local PO at that price.

    IF my Amiami order is not taxed by the customs guys (it still happens, i just picked up my Fewture Garland last week sent from Amiami and it wasn't taxed), and/or the 9k JPY assumed shipping cost is less than expected, then i potentially could save as much as Php 8k over the local PO, or at worst just price parity. 

    at this point i probably should be saying that i will then sell one of them, but that's probably not going to happen 

  13. On 6/19/2020 at 10:48 AM, sqidd said:

    Got these out today. Added some nice color to that shelf. Fewture Boss Borot and Getter Poseidon.


    that Boss Borot looks great!

    are the hoses/tubes metal or rubber? how much of the figure is diecast?



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