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  1. Hey guys any word when Roy's is out? Also i'm wondering why Bandai doesn't make the armor magnetic it would be so much easier?
  2. Thank you! will mark it on my calendar. I hope they announce the Vf-1S soon.
  3. OMG i thought i was the only one too, i don't have the figure yet either, but ordered the missiles. They all Raised there prices since preorders were done. Anyone know where i can get the figure at a descent price?
  4. Thank you! yes i will get some pics taken when it arrives. I do have to admit it looks way better with the SAP armor. What are those armor parts you put on the stand (sides of the valk) suppose to be? the ones that look like fold boosters? i don't remember seeing those in the anime
  5. Thank you for the Reply!! I picked up the armor at playasia if anyone else is interested. a little pricey but way cheaper than buying another Vf2-ss lol
  6. Hi So did anyone figure out why there are 2 Arm Armors? i have the sylvie and wondering if i should get the SAP armor or just buy a NEXX and use his armor? Someone said the NEXX is built so much better
  7. Fighter mode is my fav, Just how floppy is it? are talking Vf-25F bandai chogokin (which is pretty tight), or we talking about that Vf2-ss Bandai Model Kit that falls apart just holding it?
  8. hows the play ability of the toy? is it durable? like the Chunky monkey vf-1 from bandai?
  9. The crazy thing is NEXX seems so much better, the faerie squadron one looks like this one, but nexx is way more detailed.
  10. Please someone tell me that was a review on the prototype, the Cockpit figure isn't even colored?
  11. Hey guys i got my payment notice too! Just wondering if you guys know if the Silvie Macross II toy will eventually have a SAP pack release? or are the Faierie and NEX SAP packs compatible with this one?
  12. i picked up one, i might pick up another i picked up my first from Amiami then i realized AE was cheaper, i never ordered from AE does anyone have any feedback on them? Shipping etc...
  13. Thank you for the reply, because i remember i bought the first Bandai Macross Frontier ones, then they come with renewals (got burned bad) This is my fav Valk from all the series so sleek looking but i don't want to be 6 months later new one is coming lol
  14. Hey Guys i need your help what do you think of chances of a Renewal version for this Valkyrie. I've never heard of evolution toys Do they Re-release a lot of toys over the years in past history making small improvements?
  15. MAN I love it!! it looks amazing! i would love to see that too! I need to know HOW DID YOU make the TINY little Valkyries? I just got my 1:3000 SDF-1 and i would be worried breaking and customizing it, but i wouldn't mind making tiny valkyries that could land on the flight deck.
  16. Hey I was looking at the Customized thread on SDF-1 1:2000 they LOOK phenomenal. I have a couple of questions has anyone decided to make the LITTLE tiny Valkyries for this SDF-1? AND PLEASE tell me how did those people make them?? i want to try... did they sculpt them from RICE? as well anyone Paint the macross CITY yet?
  17. Hey wait a minute... you said 1:2000 prototype? You have the SDf-1 1:2000 that costs $2000 ?? Hey can you post a video review of it? which one do you prefer?
  18. Hey that looks Awesome! almost looks "weathered" i don't think i have the courage to do that to mine $400
  19. Hey thanks for getting back to me, so crazy glue isn't good to use? I remember i use to use it on old toys and it caused some discoloration on the plastic.
  20. Yeah it looks great, I broke down and bought one and should be here by next week. I need help guys i read you need to glue some parts together? i never did great job with models. What kind of GLUE do i need? Crazy glue?? and where can i get this glue to put it together? and to pick the parts off the little plastic holder is scissors good enough? Thanks!
  21. I was looking for a good sdf-1, but after looking I saw you Avatar pic, thats looks great! can you show me more pics of the city you built?
  22. hey i got my macross quarter yesterday. Its great. although i did not get an artbook. Can someone tell me if i'm missing anything if i don't have an art book. is the artbook even worth it? thanks
  23. holy!! i'm getting two of these! this must be the best looking toy i've ever seen. Plus it comes with all those little "figures" you can make your own scene. they should make more little character for purchase, such as vf-17 and vf-25 transformed. i'd buy that too.
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