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  1. Nope, I won't pay massive markup. I almost bought one of Jungle for 40000 yen but couldn't talk myself into it. This will guarantee I never get a premium finish Arcadia VF of any kind, barring I find a good deal on one, which I doubt. The near impossibility of collecting some Macross stuff is frustrating. I did save a ton of money today though, haha.
  2. The Vf0s and Miriya Super are still available. Did they really sell out in 30 seconds or website glitch? My purchase history is blank.
  3. Well, they were available for two minutes. I got my order through...but then it disappeared. Didn't get to put in payment data. Not sure what happened...?
  4. Yes sir. So here's hoping that works out!
  5. Oh excellent - FromJapan cancelled my orders just a few hours before the sale even though they promised they could do it in the sale time frame.
  6. I am excited...hope to be able to snag one of each premium VF 1S. Wonder how much extra stock they have available?
  7. Thank you both. I have sent them a pre-emptive email with the information asking about it. The whole sale falls outside of their normal business hours so I am curious to see what they say.
  8. How well do you think they would do with something for sale in such a narrow window? I would really like to get some Premium VF1s without having to pay $400-600 a piece.
  9. Ahh ok yes I have used Mandarake a few times. I didn't realize Jungle was very similar. The hard part is often finding multiple things in one location. Shipping adds up quickly when it's coming overseas. I am getting into the game late and trying to get some items before they become any more impossibly expensive. Even with shipping overseas included, these types of stores are usually a better bet than the crazy prices stuff goes for on eBay. Looks like one of my credit cards might get blown up for a multiple item shopping trip. Thank you for the insight - I appreciate it!
  10. Sorry to jump in later on - I am looking for one of these too. How was the Jungle experience for you? I am not familiar with it and don't know how it works. Looks like they have a good inventory of hard to find stuff.
  11. Valkyries shipped and price drop on Missile Effects Set
  12. Everything is still available. I am happy to break even on these. That one I got from a group figure purchase. Here's a close up of the box damage. Otherwise it's in excellent shape. Although that's irrelevant if you are going to open it and display it like I do. Trying to save up to get a Destroid Monster - I am almost afraid to find out what it costs to ship if I end up getting one from Japan.
  13. Prices reduced. Need to fund my next round of purchases!
  14. I got carried away with Yahoo Japan auctions using Buyee.com and ended up with a few extra Hi Metal R items. Buyee is pretty easy to use and there are some deals to be had, but you have to factor in paying for shipping twice. Once to have the items shipped to them - and then to have them ship everything to you. Still beats the insane prices Macross stuff tends to go for on eBay. Here's the stuff I am looking to sell. I will try to post pictures - if I can't get them to post you can send me a message and I will get pictures to you. HMR VF-1J Super Max - new in box. Some damage to the box around the view window. $90 -- SOLD HMR VF-1J Armored - opened and displayed but in excellent condition. All parts are present and box is in great shape. $190 -- SOLD HMR Missile Effects Set - opened and displayed but in excellent condition. All parts are present and box is in great shape. $65 -- SOLD
  15. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    I bought two different Hikaru VF-1A Supers (one new and one used) - and I somehow lucked out. Both of them had the correct lower leg parts. Hopefully that situation is an isolated incident and doesn't show up in future HMR releases.
  16. I tracked down an Armored VF-1J and some other stuff using Buyee.com. to be honest, I got a little carried away with HMR stuff. Even with their fees and shipping, most of the stuff on there is still way cheaper than getting it in the US.
  17. I am not too familiar with how proxy services work. Any suggestions on which ones might be good to use?
  18. Thank you, I will keep an eye out there. That's where I snagged a Roy Fokker Strike VF-1S. Hopefully another armored Vf-1J will turn up.
  19. Hello, been lurking here awhile. Recently got back into collecting Macross after a long hiatus. I come over from Battletech, but I also enjoy both Macross and Dougram. I discovered Bandai's Hi Metal R line and found them to be exactly what I am looking for. The small scale makes them easier to display in a limited area and helps keep them somewhat affordable. Unfortunately I missed the earlier releases. I am looking for an Armored VF-1J if anybody is willing to part with one for less than a small fortune. It seems like the ones online are going for nearly $300 now. Thanks for any help! - Jeff
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