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  1. My god, that is amazing. can I say more? Keep up the great work!
  2. My suggestion... go to www.1999.co.jp and search for Hasegawa Macross. All of the models that they have for sale have on-line scans of the instructions, including painting and marking guides. I think they have just about all of the ones you are looking for. (edited for spelling)
  3. Well, consider me in on that PM if you are still willing....
  4. Where did you find that sucker?!!! Sweeeet......
  5. does anyone have the hasegawa painting instructions scanned for the VF-0 yet? I'm looking for a high res image, if possible.... Thanks, JB
  6. Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! WM, what are the chances of getting a high res scan of the Hase painting instructions? I would really appreciate it... (please don't let this request distract you from your current project) Keep it up! We all love your work! -JB
  7. Well, I'm back... I've been gone since November 17th, if you can believe that! Wow, a lot has changed around here so much to catch up on.... ...In any case, I shall be completing this little project shortly. It's good to be back!
  8. I have to apologize, I haven't had any time to do any work on this project. Work has been kicking my ass for a few months now and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down for awhile. I'm still out here though! (barely). Thanks for the interest though!
  9. my god man, she looks fantastic! Question... if you paint the "inside" surface of the clear parts, how are they going to be glued into place? won't the paint ruin any bond between the plastics?
  10. What exactly is the slide card way? Is there a way of modding it w/o cracking the case, or am I just dreaming?
  11. Here's your daily " 'atta boy!" Fantastic work my man....
  12. Is this what you are looking for? I'm not sure who made it, so I have no idea who to credit it to...
  13. Anyone have a profile of the SV-51? I haven't seen anything on that one yet...
  14. Done David. Thanks for the scan... any others you would like to see?
  15. Has anyone looked at the old boards lately? I think someone has been doing a little hacking lately...
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