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  1. Blog pos about the event: http://gamerabaenre.com/?p=2702 Gallery of pictures from my camera: http://gamerabaenre.com/?page_id=2699 tube videos: youtu.be/rX5bZ2aBo4Q youtu.be/n2OKe766HZM
  2. Here are some: http://gamerabaenre.com/?page_id=2274 Some videos from the event: Another guy's pictures from the event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kayone73/s ... 993209723/ Here are some additional videos:
  3. Little bump, as the event is less than 10 days away: IMPORTANT LINK: http://thosegundamguys.org/2011/11/02/scgmc-less-than-10-days-away/ <-- pretty pictures of trophies and raffle prizes There are only 9 more days until the first annual Southern California’s first Gunpla Competition, a little over a week away! Saturday, November 12, 2011. Time for a little update to the event. Other than the contest, there will be vendors. There will be raffles with some very nice prizes donated from various sources. There will be live demonstrations on various gunpla building techniques that cover almost everything from start to finish. And other than the really fantastically cool coin trophies, there will be some special awards. The first annual Southern California Gundam Model Contest (SCGMC) Saturday November 12, 2011 9:00AM – 4:00PM Holiday Inn Fullerton Crown Room Holiday Inn Fullerton 2932 East Nutwood Avenue Fullerton, CA 92831 General Admission: $5.00 Admission includes 1 model entry. Additional model entries will be $1.00 per model Entry Forms Contestant Entry Forms Model Entry Forms The Special Awards Since this year is our first; we’ll start off small; and will have three special awards: Best Out of Box* The kit must be build to the specifications of the instructions. Paints and glue are encouraged, but no other aftermarket parts that did not already come with the kit are allowed. No resin addons, no scratch building, not metal addons, etc. Kit’s instructions must accompany the entry to qualify. Best Villain* This is theme award for this year’s SCGMC, best villain. Kit must be a villain, or piloted by a villain character to qualify for this theme. Best of Show This is the award for the best entry as decided upon by the judges as a collective. The Raffles Prizes Raffle tickets will be $1 per ticket. There will be special bundles for purchasing raffle tickets in bulk. There will be two raffle session one at 12:00PM, and one at 3:00 PM. The pictures should speak louder than the words, but here’s a short list of just part of the prizes that will be available. 1/144 HGUC Dendrobium (courtesy of Otakufuel.com) 1/100 MG Epyon – signed by Bandai’s MG R&D Lead, Sayuri Matsuoka 1/72 Hasegawa Strike Valkyrie w/ weapons set Bandai LED Packs 1/100 HG Astray 1/100 MG Sandrock Gundam 1/100 MG Crossbone Gundam Gunpla Building Technique Demonstrations The live technique demonstration will be 45 minute long session that attendees can actively participate, however, kit and supplies will not be supplied. Kits and supplies can be purchased from one of the vendors at the event. Below is the live demonstration schedule: 10:00 AM – Getting Started Cutting parts Sanding parts Gluing seams Putties 11:00 AM – Painting Spray Cans Basic Airbrushing Primer Pre Shading Technique 1:00 PM – Finishing Touches Clear Coats (gloss, semi gloss, flat) Decals Panel Lines 2:00 PM – Weathering Damage techniques Weathering Decals Filters and Fades Dry brushing Pastels and pigments
  4. The latest announcement, we have some vendors. http://thosegundamguys.org/2011/07/17/vendors-at-scgmc/ Robot4Less AND TatsuHobby will be vending at SCGMC, so you guys can get your plastic gunpla and resin gunpla fixes. Oh yeah, for the Northern California folks, TatsuHobby is holding a contest for you guys, full rules and details are here: http://tatsuhobby.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=page&id=28
  5. The general awards for the contest came today, check it out: http://thosegundamguys.org/2011/07/05/scgmc-trophies/
  6. There's always the option of coming down here for a day trip? Ok, 2 day trip I guess. Again, we're hoping that this is successful, tons of models and such especially in our niche subject of model building. Sci-fi is already niche enough. But if a show like wonderfest in KY does what it does for garage kits and figure modeling; there's hope for this show to do the same with gunpla and other anime mecha models.
  7. 1st annual Southern California Gundam Model Competition presented by http://thosegundamguys.org is set for Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the Fullerton Holiday Inn. Full details are here: http://thosegundamguys.org/southern-california-gundam-model-competition/ We have open categories for all things mecha and anime related. So there will definitely be some Macross Representation. I was chatting with an old friend of mine from HS over at Frank & Sons and he told me that I should post this information here. So save the date, and if you guys know fellow modelers that are interested in the event, please help spread the word.
  8. Hi, this may better answer your question: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/panel_line_wash.htm And there is a larger scaled version of the video from the front page. Hope this is helpful.
  9. I held a workshop that focused on building mecha and resin figure kits. It was held on 3 of the 4 days of the con. There was also a model contest, a little lacking in the mecha department. I didn't get to spend too much time in the exhibit hall, too busy running around between the damn art show and the workshop rooms. Only got to take pictures of folks while I was between places, so sorry for the lack of hotties. Next year AX will be at LACC.
  10. I had fun. Here are my pictures and little con review: http://gamerabaenre.com/ax_2007.htm
  11. Update: Got the times and location for the model building workshop that I'm presenting: "Gundam Models & Resin Building Seminar: Basics" Friday, June 29 Workshops 1 (LBCC 104C) 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM "Gundam Models & Resin Building Seminar: Advanced Techniques" Saturday, June 30 Workshops 2 (LBCC 103) 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM "Gundam Models & Resin Building Seminar: Start to Finish" Sunday, July 1 Workshops 2 (LBCC 103) 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
  12. Anime Expo June 29 - July 2 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach California I'm trying to help promote the model contest this year to get more participation, so if you're local or hell, if you're going to AX and you build models, bring something and enter: http://www.anime-expo.org/?q=professional/...t/model_contest Additionally, I hosted a Gunpla/Resin Figure building workshop/panel/seminar thingy last year at AX and I will be doing this again this year. The schedules have not come out yet, but I have gotten confirmation that my presentation is on the schedule. I'll update this thread when I get more information.
  13. I thought was pretty cool. The same guy built the Tachikoma reading the magazine. Granted, it's no Jesus statue built entirely out of chocolate, but pretty impressive stuff regardless
  14. Ok, decided to post this here for a few reasons. I met someone from MW over there this past weekend, Nick. There where two Macross kits in the contest. And I have a picture of the vice con chair from the event dressed as Max Sterling next to Mari. http://www.gamerabaenre.com/tekkoshocon07.htm Enjoy!
  15. The con from my eyes and my camera: http://www.gamerabaenre.com/ax_2006.htm
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