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  1. Top is okay but the leg armor needs to be bigger and buffer!
  2. Mmmmm something about the leg armor.. looks skinny to me or maybe im just used to the old Takatoku mold which looked bigger.
  3. Cool , thank you Angesdad.
  4. Anybody knows where i can buy a super strikes parts movie edition dx at a best price? And where to preorder super parts for april? Thanks guys!
  5. Thank you jvmacross , ordered 2 hehehe
  6. Im getting 5 of this , lol!
  7. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    What's up with those head antennas , im about to cut them in half..lol!
  8. Da hell..! we have too many 1/55s 1/60s 1/48s c'mon Bandai give me the one showed on 2015 , make a VF-1J DX for god sakes! with hangar , movable parts , vehicles n personnel , something that can be the center of my collection!
  9. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    I like him! Good job Bandai! Bring me a green Queadluun-Rau next!
  10. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    Monster yey! Woo hoo!
  11. MACROSS25


  12. MACROSS25

    Hi-Metal R

    This Monster is Awesome!
  13. Damn! that looks good! I LOVE YOU BANDAI !
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