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  1. On 10/18/2020 at 6:27 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

    Hm... which Wiki did you use?  Memory Alpha is, AFAIK, more or less the go-to for Star Trek official setting materials.  Memory Beta's good for the non-canon expanded universe stuff like novels, comics, etc. though it can be confusing to read since it doesn't separate the different takes on things into different articles.


    I was on the Romulus page on Memory Alpha, misread(reversed) your first reply about Hobus and the sun. We're good. Thanks!

  2. 12 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They couldn't even make it work with the previously-established prime timeline plot that set up the failed soft reboot trilogy, and needed to retcon the cause and circumstances of Romulus's destruction (opening dozens more plot holes along the way).  

    What did they retcon about it?

    I am out of the loop. Is it not still accepted that some Romulan tomfoolery led to the supernova?

  3. 1 minute ago, kaiotheforsaken said:

    I really liked Picard and I'm very excited to see where they take it. Those characters mean a lot to me and it meant a lot to see some of them again. I also like Disco alot, about my only complaint with it is that I am really enjoying all the characters and I wish it spread the love out a little more. Season 2 was a bit better in that regard. Even Lower Decks, which I was immensely skeptical about, has been a really fun ride so far. In a format that's half the size of a typical Trek episode, they are giving us some pretty solid episodes.

    But I'm the Trek fan who has been able to find things to enjoy in basically every Trek show and film.

    Agreed, I really enjoyed them spreading out the character building a little more in S2. 

    I hope with S3 seemingly being the crew spread out throughout the galaxy or maybe even time, we see more character central episodes. They've added a lot of depth to every character they focused on and it was nice. 

  4. 1 hour ago, kaiotheforsaken said:

    Pretty much how I feel about being a fan of anything these days. It feels even more bile filled than in years passed. I've found my enjoyment of these things is magnified greatly if I don't engage in discourse about it. Which, ultimately, is pretty sad, since I enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with people.

    I stopped reading the Star Wars thread here for that exact reason too. I don't even necessarily disagree with some or maybe even most of it, but don't people ever get tired of shitting on the things they supposedly like?

    I went into Picard and Disco cold. Voyager was the last show I watched when it was on TV, and have obviously watched the JJ movies. I enjoyed the hell out of Picard, and dare say I think it was nearly flawless. And Disco, I drank that show up and can't wait for the next season. 


  5. 13 minutes ago, Syro said:

    Is something special required for AmiAmi other than entering you CC info?

    My credit union blocks overseas purchases by default. I need to call them and unblock it for 24 hours to order from anywhere not the US or Canada. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    As I understand it, Star Wars had a fairly complicated official canon policy that included the Expanded Universe materials before the sale of LucasFilm to Disney and Disney's subsequent decision to throw the entire Expanded Universe in the trash and start over.  It's the fact that so much effort was spent making the Expanded Universe coherent and so on that made folks so mad when the Disney crew told them it was going away permanently.

    It did. Lucas and Lucasfilm outlined a ton of rules for what the stories could and could not do. Fast forward to The New Jedi Order undertaking and you get Lucas, Lucasfilm and publishers all involved again in this huge conversation about what can and can't happen. 

    A dozen authors simultaneously writing 19 books from different views spanning years in the universe, including the same cast in all of them. They killed Chewbacca and to a lesser extent, they killed a ton of characters that had been written around for decades. They brought a new way of looking at the Force, they showed us how stupidly bad ass Luke Skywalker was and gave us Leia as a Jedi. It was huge. It was awesome. 

    Then we get GL saying in one of his interviews he never gave a damn and it was all(the EU) basically an alternate universe. The man who contradicts himself more in single interviews and videos more than most people do in their entire lives, and on this subject? Mr. "I wrote a trilogy, no wait I wrote 6 movies, no wait I wrote 9 movies, no wait again, Disney I wrote you a new trilogy!" Suddenly everyone wants to take his word as law? Even some of the same people who wanted to stake him up because of the prequels? Yeah, K.

    Along comes Disney, and they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    If nothing else, nearly 40 years of technology writing was the biggest loss in my opinion:

    Suddenly everything about lightsabers is bland and boring.

    They give capital ship a gas tank. 

    TIEs and X-Wings are manufactured by the same company. 

    They're building Star Destroyers......on the ground? 


    The list goes on and on. 

    Not all of the writing was great, but damn if there weren't a ton of great characters, places and events during that time. Not to mention expanding on the Force in some crazy ways.

    The dismissive way people treat the EU/Legends is kind of ridiculous. 

    Kind of like how so many talk trash on (or downright hate?) Boba Fett yet at the same time don't accept he's the sole reason y'all got Jango and the Mandalorians expanded upon. 


  7. 11 hours ago, DYRL VF-1S said:



    This is a thing of beauty right here. :rofl:

    There are a handful of us “regulars” on this thread. Many have been here for a long while. I’ve only done 4 or 5 PO nights and even then there is a trend. Each time, people come out of the woodwork magically and begin asking the same questions of how everyone can help them land a PO. It’s totally fine of course because we all started somewhere. But this is a community and so would just be cool if those asking would at least first try searching for previous info (someone inevitably posts the answers every PO) and second be willing to contribute. (This isn’t directed at you @Chewie. I’m generally speaking. Pretty sure you even mentioned trying to search first.)

    I got a bunch of snark too from people. And still do.

    Many of us do that. I have for the past two POs

    You guys are totally fine, and I get it. LMGTFY is my favorite comeback in several mediums, including some groups I moderate. I've been on MW for longer than I care to admit, just kinda fell off lately. I didn't at all mean to imply you guys were being rude, just saucy. 

  8. 3 hours ago, DewPoint said:

    If you are new to PreOrder Madness, you may want to pick a few online retailers that appeal to you and create accounts before the PreOrder.  You don't want to get cart-jacked while you are creating an account to complete your order.  I think it helps (not 100% sure) to log-in just before Madness hour to help with check-out.  Regardless, reducing delays in checkout should help.

    Did exactly that that, linked payment or paypal where I could, and updated all info on the others to be current. Passwords are all saved, and google checkout is enabled anywhere that will take it. 

    You guys have been a great help, if not a bit snarkier than necessary in some places. =P

  9. Thanks, guys. Really. I know there is a ton of info already in the thread, but lets face it, this thread is effin' yuge. 

    I will certainly keep an eye out over the coming days and be here with ya'll night of. 

    If I get one, it'll be my first that wasn't second hand. 


  10. 3 minutes ago, DYRL VF-1S said:

    However, be careful of where you order.  Many sites are not offering a viable means to ship since Japan Post suspended SAL and EMS to the States (and other locations).  So for example, if you order from AE it will have to sit in their warehouse until Japan Post restores SAL and/or EMS.  NY will let you do ferry but that's it - or it sits in their warehouse.

    Edit:  For those particular about details, both of those sites offer alternatives but reports are that AE has a courier service that costs a ton and requires your Social Security number.  NY has UPS and costs about double of shipping EMS.

    Very good to know, thank you. I was reading a little about that yesterday and then got sidetracked at work. 

    Sitting in a warehouse isn't awful if I get one, but then how long until we're go back to any semblance of normal. 

    Also, what's the reason behind the quip about NY up there? Are they bad?

  11. 2 minutes ago, borgified said:

    AE, your two suggestions (however HLJ will either cut your order off or the website will not load at all), Bandai on line, CDJ and others.. 

    There will be other sites for link during next week to give more chances in getting it. 


    Thank you. I really want to try this time. Excited and flush with cash. Let's do this. =)

  12. Best places to try to preorder from? My search terms apparently suck and I ain't manually looking through 456 pages. 

    Also, any of them that don't require funds immediately? Anyone had issues with POs not being filled and had to cancel/refund due to availabilty?



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