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  1. I also remember those innocent days... These 1/60 yamatos are so good, yeah you have to remove the legs but the scale is perfect. I will never need another valk again.... A few 1/60v1 later... These Yamato 1/48, outside of the chicken hands, are so perfect, I will never buy another valk again... After also grabbing quite a few I did manage to escape the entire 1/60v2 range... but I then said i don't need the the DX valks after their teasers... Happy with my yammies... But nooooo, not only do they fix the Yamato chicken hands, the level of detail is so good, I've now got a few too... I wonder what improvement will get me to upgrade the entire line again after i complete vermilion squad and call it complete... Again..... Oh, did I mention I also ended up collecting some of the HMR line too.... Was never going to get that either except the scale is more suited to take to friends places and play with toy planes and robots... And they look so good too.... I should stop now... 😅
  2. Haha, I have the exact same thoughts and the exact same worries. Knowing my luck, it will be released that way, with correct pilot markings and all lol
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I was just at hlj looking at other things and didn't even think to search for a Roy. Not sure how to thumbs up a post anymore. Wow, an hour after the post and I still managed to grab one from hlj. Demand must have really gone down.
  4. Brilliant pics as always. Keep them coming
  5. The biggest issue with being a collector is you need double the space - to display and then to keep the box in as mint a condition as possible too... This doesn't even take into account the multiples of copies people buy, which if displayed in various modes, is double space again
  6. And there I was saying I was very happy with my Yammies (still am btw) and don't need a DX......
  7. Dooh! Missed the hlj Roy..... I've been on that site every day but not looking at DX stuff assuming gone forever Thanks for the heads up and congrats on those that picked one up
  8. That grass paper is a great idea, won't even damage or leave a messy clean up if you ever decide to remove it
  9. They all look so good so far. Maybe I should bust out my paints and airbrush... Nah, I'm too lazy in my old age so good work all. Keep it up
  10. Yamato released his tv valk in 1/48 scale and a 1/60 V2 but never rereleased as far as I know. Wish I knew how to link pictures... Beaten to it haha Yes, I am looking forwards to a hm-r release but more so a DX release
  11. KFDzero

    Hi-Metal R

    Those concert art pics are sexy af
  12. That's exactly what I meant but maybe put those link near the first post etc so people can find it.... I would also suggest the NY thread as no doubt they will come up in PO discussions
  13. Will need to somehow sticky links to all the various retailer opinion threads.... Don't need to hear for the 1000th time the varying opinions of the various retailers. We all want confirmation that a retailer is going to deliver, especially when they appear to be the only option available at a reasonable (or not) price. However, there have been so many different experiences with the same retailers in question, the potential buyer really needs to understand under what circumstances things happened to make up their own mind on whether the risks are worthwhile to them.
  14. Late to the party. I see an individual PO thread has already been created and I wholeheartedly agree. Also agree on individual threads for each release. It shouldn't clutter the boards too much as the older releases will generally die off unless it gets necro'd for whatever reason but even then, will eventually fade away again. Individual threads help reduce clutter and may help others contribute more. It takes a lot of consideration whether or not to be the 100th post for an appreciation of a great photo when the thread is already 500+ pages.
  15. Darn fine work. The original moulded colour made this the first item on my covid cancel list... This repaint is making my wallet itch again.....
  16. Not only are the poses cool and natural looking, the framing of the shots really show how beautiful these DX valks are.
  17. It's still available at hlj for those that missed preorders. I had to cancel mine late last year, along with other preorders due to covid hitting my wallet. It's times like these I wish I could have paid upfront back during preorder, when I had the money. I always choose that option with any reputable dealer if they allow it haha. Anyway, looking forwards to all the awesome pics and of course Jenius' review so I can live it through you guys. Keep those pics coming when you get it.
  18. KFDzero

    Hi-Metal R

    I'm waiting for a vf-2ja atmosphere fighter...
  19. Just my two cents on the whole pre-order/PayPal protection thing. PayPal have their policies to cover themselves as well as others. End of the day, all businesses are in it to make money/pay bills. They have their claim window to minimise their risks, which I assume has been underwritten by some form of insurance, which costs them money. Maybe going past the 180day protection significantly increases their insurance costs? Their policy is 180days... They can do a few things: 1. Turn a blind eye like they are now and let the majority of preorders go through with the minority of orders going sour. 2. Enforce the rules and therefore reject payment to preorders greater than 180days, in which every preorder with greater release dates (which is almost everything nowadays) don't go through and someone else not using PayPal picks up the orders and those who use them miss out on the preorder madness. 3. Try to force distributors and businesses to only list preorders 180days in advance, which is up to individual businesses and most likely won't happen due to a lot of preorders are required way ahead so the business has a guaranteed order level for the item to viable to produce etc.. also issues with manufacturing delays etc. Businesses will not list things late because they also want the guaranteed sale and also us collectors will scream blue that they are withholding orders to bump price if it's popular etc. At the moment, the majority of people win. But if you're concerned, don't go to places that have been rumoured to not deliver. If you have to go there, expect it to be like a gambling experience, you might get the item, you may get it late, you may end up getting a store credit. Don't like you're chances and you've missed out on preorder madness, pay the market rate when it releases.... Unfortunately that's commercialism. And yes, Bandai could make more units, but they don't care. They are only meant to make enough to satisfy the jap market. They are not going to risk making more when they have made enough units to reach their profit targets. The more they make the less the demand and if it sits in shelves, it ends up costing them in the long run. Us living overseas shouldn't even be able to buy these products if not for grey import rules. Sorry, long rant over
  20. Wow, is that the new PG RX-78 in the background? I'll take Xmas being two days late to be able to land both the Roy DX and that PG haha.
  21. My Big in Japan TV super parts arrived and delivered to Oz via DHL yesterday. Now waiting on the Roy that was ordered through a local shop, which is going to be a while....
  22. Yup. I can definitely confirm I got notification that my big in Japan tv super parts have shipped via DHL. I also got the notification from DHL that they have the item already.
  23. This also explains my collection of all sorts of apparently random things haha
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