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  1. I'm a HUGE Robotech fan -sorry guys it's true. It's ironic then, that my favorite piece is fast becoming the one that was never depicted in the series at all:
  2. Well, I got it. And despite Takatoku's weird packaging, I'm really satisfied. http://mactama.com/mt/toy/macross/takatokutoys/55_vf_1_series/55_gbp_1s/55_gbp_1s_top_.htm The downside? It's my Christmas gift, so I can't post pics until after present opening happy-fun-time. lol
  3. OMGs, take a look guys: The rear of the packaging really was just the back of the styrofoam. http://mactama.com/mt/toy/macross/takatokutoys/55_vf_1_series/55_gbp_1s/55_gbp_1s_top_.htm
  4. drkstar00

    Need help fast

    Hi guys: I just received this item, but the packaging consists of the front of a box, and a styrofoam piece, with no back for the box. Was this how the item was sold originally? Many, many thanks if anyone can help me.
  5. These toys are so solid, they remain in great condition for decades... possibly longer if really cared for. How awesome is that?
  6. My ultra cool Takatoku: My Bandai VF-1J: And my Super VF-1A:
  7. Lol -I too find the bootlegs pretty fun in their own right! My Joons:
  8. I was thinking that was a Joons in a wrong box. Is it really SPACE GAN DAM?
  9. Oh man, this' what I'm lookin' for!
  10. Thanks! I love it, and paid a lot for it on ebay.
  11. I protest this thread merge. Why not combine every thread that says 1/48 scale? The thread I started was specific to 1/55 scale valkyries, not general Macross toys. Please de-merge this.
  12. The ultra cool Bandai VF-1J: And of course, the toy that started it all, Takatoku's masterpiece:
  13. The Taiwanese is nice because -unlike the Joons- it's of similar build quality to the Bandai.
  14. OMGs that's totally hilarious. Owning a Takatoku for me has been a totally awesome experience; to have the toy that started everything is like owning a founding piece of Macross history. It's definitely the flagship of my collection, and a must for any collector IMHO.
  15. Lol, I'm just only now getting mine from ebay.
  16. Do u have a pic of the bootleg? I'd totally love to see it! Post in the 'Please post a 1/55 pic' thread if ur able.
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