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  1. Solaris Japan is even offering the Ostrich: https://solarisjapan.com/products/choujikuu-yousai-macross-ai-oboete-imasu-ka-vt-1-super-ostrich-dx-chogokin-1-48-bandai-spirits-shop-exclusive
  2. Love this forum and thanks to borh who posted earlier the Luna Park link as well as discount code. Pleasantly surprised at their prices when compared to their recent YF-21 Guld posting which had a plain in sight mark-up. Nin-Nin has always delivered for me to date but after seeing that Luna Park price, I doubt Nin-Nin could do better. Secured three now from different suppliers so will leave heart attack till tomorrow when I see my account balance ...
  3. I wasn't expecting the suddeness of this PO to come today but fortunately it's a public holiday in Oz so I got to standby the computer and hit F5. Thanks for the links - I secured one at BIJ and I'll try my luck with Nin-Nin later today too. Finally achieved my best fave trio in 1/48 - Roy Fokker VF-1J, VF-1D and now (at last) the VT-1. I've secured other PO's in the past but have sold them however these three I will hold forever. Made sure I paid by PAYPAL this time and chose JPY currency. At least PAYPAL does offer 6 months protection so hopefully the release is on time within this period.
  4. Being local, I did email Sugotoys about this a few days back enquiring as to whether they'd stock this but they never replied. The takeaway for me is that it's still cheaper to secure a preorder from a Japanese supplier directly. Mine from Nin nin is about $480 aud landed so I'm already $60 aud ahead.
  5. ¥43,889 for me shipped (literally) to Australia. I can wait for sea mail however the upside to ordering from Nin-nin is that they don't charge additional 10% GST tax unlike HLJ and Ami Ami so I've done good to get it at the cheapest price possible. Hesitated at HLJ and was cartjacked but no hesitation on this one. My wallet's empty again
  6. Time to fire up the ol' account for another round of preorders - always greatful to everyone here for the link posts! Seems Luna Park would be everyone's last resort given the price. Despite the VF-21 finally becoming available, the Ostrich is the one worth dying for...
  7. Arakure Knight

    Hi-Metal R

    Damn - looks like HLJ just sold out with order stop: https://www.hlj.com/hi-metal-r-vf-0s-phoenix-roy-focker-machine-bans63742
  8. Crickey ... thanks for the link. Ended up ordering a third one now as I just sold a pair of Yeezys earlier today so had some extra funds. I've tried Mykombini in the past and they delivered with no problems so know they are reliable.
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