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  1. Great story- yes I think it looks outstanding UNBUILT in the box- I bought a couple so I am going to da a quick n dirty fast build first and apply all the decalls later- just to see how the kit works so my next one will be fully painted and all- I WILL post pics of the first build with decals applied last to let everyone see how it turned out- I am fearless when it comes to builidng!
  2. What about some enemy stuff- Pods and such? Now THAT would be awesome...
  3. Tamiya won't touch this license- not their kind of thing. However maybe the 1/32 licence for plastic kits is available....
  4. You did a great job- I am going to try this to simplify the decals- assemble the whole kit FIRST then start applying the decals all over it- I know some areas have to be opened/exposed first to apply more decals but could it work?
  5. I'd like to see them do a 1/32 big scale Valkyrie from the original series.....make that a Super Valk!
  6. Have one reserved at HLJ- how big is this compared to Prime 1's statue- that one is a stunner at many times the cost of this!
  7. Thanks- it looks abit on the simple side but gotta admit it's pretty unusual subject- I have one in my Private Warehouse at HLJ
  8. What kind of decal markings are included?
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