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  1. 57 minutes ago, FAZZ888 said:

    I got carried away with sharing online videos of the Sazabi unboxing, this will be my last post sharing videos.  As the product is getting released to the public more and more videos will come out and one can simply go on youtube or bilibili, search by Sazabi and sort by upload date.


    This last video I'm going to share is informative, it has a lot of tips on how to flip the panels etc. so as not to scratch or break the toy.  But most importantly he pointed out a defect that the head light won't light up; so for anyone getting the Sazabi please make sure to test it out.


    Please continue to share! Is this you in the video?

  2. I wonder if this is some kind expansion or evolution to the 30 minute mission gunpla line. Seems like a lot of elements are re-used like Lego and just painted over to look like the mecha of choice. Looks interesting and fun. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Kicker773 said:

    Took a shot at it. 

    Make sure you open and and see if all the parts go together. I bought this a few years ago and one of the main cannons was broken and I couldn't even put the thing together because nothing fit right. 

    - Right cannon broken out of box

    - left arm wouldn't peg in

    - right leg wouldn't peg in so statue wouldn't light up.

    I'm tempted to try again but I'm very nervous about it.

    My experience here:


  4. 4 minutes ago, Convectuoso said:

    Anyone saw this? It looks like they tried to copy Sentinel's idea, but looks much worst

    I like the modern take.  It's also larger at 9.5-10inches tall. I'm in if the quality is good and is more durable than Sentinel's.

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