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  1. Just call me Kuma and there's no need to downvote me, man. I didn't know.
  2. The full review for Origin Leonidas is up. http://kumastyledesigns.com/pe-origin-leonidas-review/ Some pics from the galla:
  3. I actually like the look of the mb feet better. I prefer the real proportions to the calf and ankle.
  4. They're not average sized. I literally have my EXIAs in front of me near a million other 1 100 gundams. They're smaller in general.
  5. Tbf, there are a lot of Gundams that look like they're wearing clown shoes. They are smaller than average, though. Nevet really noticed it.
  6. They're pretty proportionate. It's still an EXIA Base. I think of it like a football player's feet still being the same size whether or not he's padded up.
  7. Alright, so got the full review up for Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. http://kumastyledesigns.com/metal-build-00-seven-sword-g-review/ The written review goes in depth, but overall, it's a solid piece that goes right along with the standards set by the line in general. The GN Sword Blaster is awesome but in general I wish that there were revisions on it and the Buster Sword to make the hands hold them more firmly. Here are some pics from the gallery portion:
  8. Hi; question for anyone who's ordered the FanMade Turris Babel: Regarding the extra GN sword clip for Avlanche. Can you confirm if it's the actual, opposite side for Avalanche? For example, the KO dash kits come with an extra clip but it's a clone of the one that comes with Avalanche made for its left side, so trying to use it on the right overlaps the other. Hoping that this one is molded opposite of that for his right side so that people can have a weapons plus option with it.
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