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  1. What is the advantage of the 4 engine configuration on some of the valkyrie aside of more thrust?
  2. Thanks for the info.So i guess that is how the NUNS manage to build the YF-29B and manage to upgrade it?(Kinda disappointed since Seto said even the DX did not have info on it.)
  3. I am curious on how NUNS acquire the data on the YF-29.Did the Frontier fleet disclosed the data?
  4. Actually i think the real problem other than bad writing,is that the Delta VF-31 is not the most versatile 5th generation fighter,and even though if it has tons of equipment like the VF-25,i don't think Xaos will use it to full potential either and the SV-262 main concept is anti-VF role,but the VF-171 still manage to shot it down.Regarding the full-armored,i think maybe because the Heavy Quantum beam gunpod could shoot right through it? Because of that maybe it is not widely use?(need Seto help)or maybe the show just want to focus more at the Walkure?
  5. As of now Seto,i assume which is why Xaos need to detune the FF-3001/FC2 on the Siegfried because the VF-31 airframe is not compatible for the engine original spec?
  6. Noted Seto.And BTW,the VF-27,YF-29 and YF-30 all have this mode,couple up with the regular mode(rapid fire).Do you think the VF-31 carry the regular mode,cause so far i saw it did not demonstrate that capability.Maybe because of that it need the forearm gun to compensate that?
  7. I have a question regarding the " Beam Grenade" mode on the Heavy Quantum Beam Gunpod.What is the main usage of the mode?
  8. Noted Seto.BTW seto,do you think that the YF-29B have huge improvement over the original YF-29?So far i only notice the bayonet on its heavy quantum beam gunpod.
  9. AFAIK the Yf-29 also use the same engine but the one that the Chronos use is slightly uptune.I also think it is not overkill because of it role as Technology Demostrator.Plus during that Uroboros event,i think (maybe wrong)only the Yf-30 can go toe to toe with the Yf-29.
  10. Sorry for another question,i checked on macross mecha manual it stated that the Yf-29 is equipped with the fold quartz with the name of "philosopher stone".So i was thinking is it the Siegfried is equip with the same fold quartz?
  11. Regarding the fold wave system on both Yf-29 and Vf-31,is there a difference in term of performance? and btw is there a huge gap of performance between the two,since the durandal is so bank breaking expensive?
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