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  1. While there is certainly no arguing over the comics that come packaged with these Pulse exclusives; I would argue that the Jetfire mold is perhaps the best bang for the buck out of the sub-line. Granted I only purchased half of them, including Ratchet and Prime; Ratchet was purchased for a "Place holder" since being late to the game I wasn't getting both the Medic's pack and Prowl/Ironhide set, SG Ratchet all by himself couldn't be passed on.  Goldbug is a decent reuse of the Bumblebee/Cliffjumper mold but being one of the smaller figures in the overall line and still costing roughly as much as Starscream, leaves one feeling a bit cheapened. At least with Jetfire, we get a "Big Boy" with armor, that I agree makes far more sense on this version of the mold, minus the chest piece (too bulky), and more blast effects.  Plus it's nice no longer thinking of Jetfire as a truly "one off" Bot anymore, I mean we know Omega was a Guardian, I just don't know what set him apart, aside from the whole Crystal City incident.   Since SG has been used by me to mainly just grow the ranks of my army for Nemesis/Scourge's group, Jetfire was a must.  Personally, I think the paint scheme works really well, though after your remarks, I see your SS scheme and raise you a Thundercracker instead; blue/black VS. white/red.


    Great reviews as always!

  2. Anything Brent Weeks: Nightangel trilogy or his latest Lightbringer Series. Nightangel is a great Assassin series involving some magic. Character build-up is excellent and Weeks gets the nod for best Assassin name ever. 

    Lightbringer Series, is a great world building series. The magic system is unique and integral to the politics and religion of the world. Again character building is superb, plenty of action both magical and martial. 

    John Marco's Inhumans Series. An Arthurian tale where an idealistic King seeks to bring prosperity to the Commoners and ruins a kingdom in the process. Magic, betrayal, world journeys, wars, etc. Great read from a lesser known author.


  3. Really digging the trip down memory lane, along with the comparison to where we currently stand. Considering the TR Wheelie is a Legends scale figure going at Deluxe+ pricing, even the K.O.'s have jumped up compared to the other Legends K.O.'s., he's an easy pass until he is re-released.  My memory said that between my younger brother and myself we split the Transformer collection as kids pretty evenly, though after going through your most recent reviews, Cyclonus was the only 86 figure I've had to this point, assuming I'll the other two later this week.  He always got all the better ones looking back now; still has the Fortress Maximus that I did a sliding grab to nab from another kid at TRU back in the day; parents always seemed to mess up his large gift every year.  He was supposed to get Fort Max and Pop's brought down another copy of Scorpinok, which I had already opened.  So return trip's just after Christmas became a running thing with my brother for years, didn't help he was the Franklin County 81' New Years Kid either.

  4. Not really an Project Aces game; I recently found "Operation Wingman" on the Xbox Gamepass.  It's a K.O. Aces game however, from mission briefings, right on down to controls. 21 campaign missions and 20+ planes; currently only made it to mission 4 and still flying an F4 (first real unlock).  It does not have the "high G" turns, still adjusting for strafing runs.  Where it does go away from Project Aces, is in Special Weapons and available slots, one is not simply limited to one special weapon but up to four, all equipped through the directional layout.  Overall its a solid B so far, graphics aren't as good and the story is generic but the gameplay if extremely familiar and while energy bleeding hasn't become an issue in the campaign I can see how it would greatly affect the multiplayer aspect of  the game.  Worth a try, since it's free with Gamepass.

  5. 3 hours ago, ErikElvis said:

    Anyone know anything about old high standard 22 handguns?  Picked up a couple. Super light triggers. I think ones a citation. Ones a 103 and I forget the other.  The citation and non 103 say military on them. 

    I have one of their W-104 "Double-Nine"; an heirloom from a Grandfather but that's the extent of my knowledge as well.  Love the little thing; hard to watch a Western without breaking it out, ensuring it's clear and twirling away. Even my daughter who isn't overly fond of shooting will blow through a brick of ammo if the pistol is pulled out for shooting.  Sadly, the cylinder has started to lose some of the finish and until I figure out what I'm looking at in repairs, it's now just a Safe Queen.  

  6. Had a XD(M) in .45 with the 3.8" barrel; it was traded in once it became obvious I could shoot better by holding it sideways and letting rip, rather than line the sights up and make contact with the target. It has since transformed into a Police trade-in M&P, gen 1; world of difference but same caliber.

  7. 23 hours ago, ErikElvis said:

    Oooo love those trucks. This car is hopefully going to be free so it frees up a lot of cash for go fast and look good stuff. 

    Must be nice to have a GN+ fall into one's driveway! Smaller impeller, larger turbine, really nasty injectors and the fuel pump to match, it's a start. Assuming you want to hit "Ludicris Speed".


    22 hours ago, rotorhead said:

    Syclone and Typhoon

    I used to dream about these back in high school, but have yet to see one in person.

    If you're ever in the S.E.MO area, just drop a DM. He is always up to show it off and show it out; just don't bother asking, we all have! Was going to take pic's but he picked it up this past weekend. 

  8. On 11/28/2021 at 7:37 AM, derex3592 said:

    Wife and I watched Red Notice on our new 4K TV.  It was very much a "turn off your brain and enjoy it" movie.  Pretty fun actually, I'm in for a sequel.  

    It is a "fun" movie for what it is, and you're right, they want the brain turned off.  As soon as it was over and I turned mine back on, all I could think was Netflix went to Reynold's and said, "Make us a Hitman's Bodyguard with a twist."  Dwayne just can't play off of Reynold's near as well as Jackson.  While G.G. is great, she's no Hayeck.

  9. 1 hour ago, Tking22 said:

    Yes, Bronx comes with the folded wings for Goliath. Works for me, when these pics dropped some people were worried they were a two-pack and you'd have to buy another Goliath just for the folded wings, Bronx just coming with them as an accessory for Goliath works for me as well. Now I'm wondering about Demona, will the release after her come with her folded up wings? 

    While I thought Gargoyles was/is perhaps one Disney's better shows, Goliath was the only gargoyle design I really liked even when it originally aired. I would get a Xanatos in mech-gargoyle suit and two bots if they're made.  Since I originally pre-ordered Goliath to be a foe for my Drizzt & Guen figures, Bronx worked on the premise of evening things up; the folded wings are a welcomed bonus. I've since changed my thoughts on that particular "shelf-show" and upon realizing I can get old LOTR loose orcs for fairly cheap, I'm now leaning more toward an homage to a Thousand Orcs cover-art. Goliath and Bronx will just have to chill elsewhere or help crash the party.

  10. 2 hours ago, Thom said:

    I have no idea what we're talking about, but it does look overdone. 

    I was calling out the fact that they are using a G.T. car, that utilizes brute strength mixed with awesome electronics to go fast.  Not exactly "Ninja" like, granted they are most likely just using the name and colors as reference.  Peter, was calling out the fact the car looks like it is meant to be on a Race Track in an old but awesome Series.  Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship, or JGTCC for short. Vehicles had to be production run vehicles, it had multiple classes with the 500 series being King. If you've played any Gran Tourismo or Forza and grabbed a 90's Japanese vehicle with a race livery, you most likely had chosen a JGTCC car.

  11.  Haven't had the pleasure of driving an Evo, or an Sti for that matter, real world of course. It's actually odd that those cars have eluded me to date; as a Steering/Suspension tech I get to drive quite a few nice "toys" after aligning them. Personally, I'm stuck in the 90's when it comes to vehicles except for one, which is technically my son's.  2/3 Honda's and the daily which is a Chevy full size.

    From what I've gathered from the little story leaked about the Golden Disk releases, we have one more Beastformer; perhaps the last release will be a double release like the first, otherwise I'm out.  There is a silhouette of the Wheeljack mold towards the bottom of the first release and this 3rd, but that has meant nothing so far, so...  Yeah, I'm wanting that fifth Datsun as well and would bite on yet more Lambo's.

  12. Paint brushes and I have never gotten along well, thankfully there are Gundam Markers with varying size tips and suddenly I'm coloring more than painting.  So far I've only painted on Sunstreaker; was bugging me that his rear vents hadn't been painted, same will occur with E.R. Sideswipe since they didn't paint that on him but did on R.A.  Can't keep track of all the Copic marker pens I've gone through panel lining these figures though, I need a softer touch as I can make them last years with my Gunpla.  

    I like the Lambo mold, only skipped on the Netflix editions, the roughed up paint is just too much for me to try and clean up, though Siege Sideswipe's shins came clean very easily with just a q-tip and paint thinner. Gigawatt and E.R. Sideswipe are currently in transit, so only missing the 3 Netflix molds there.  I won't go into Seekers, other than to say I was a day late and far more than a dollar short on the Conehead two-pack; here's hoping for a re-release.  

    If what I'm seeing online is any indication, I think we're about to hit repaint Wave.  Road Rage, Blue Bluestreak, and 3 Huffer repaints/remolds; Pipes, Puffer, and Road Ranger. 

  13. JRC Design has the Kingdom Lambo spoilers available; two versions. 1) Looks just like the already produced Siege spoilers most of us have. 2) He has added some "Intake scoops" to the spoiler which would cover the non-painted vents on Sideswipe. 3) He has also designed leg-locks for Tracks in bot mode, for those who don't want tempt fate by breaking out the pliers and finishing the figures assembly.  


    Lazy Eyebrow also has some cool print files available; 1) New headlights for Datsuns, ditches the lenses covers for the old sunken-in round ones.  This seems more like a thing for Prowl and Bluestreak, with Smokescreen, Barricade and hopefully Silverstreak being more of a race or customized Z with the racing front ends. 2)a 5mm peg adapter for Studio Series Optimus, which helps to better center the Earthrise trailer over the axles. These are available at Shapeways apparently as well.


    Edit: Lazy Eyebrow, not JRC is the one who designed the spoiler with scoops, in his video the spoiler itself was loose on their pegs but this has supposedly been fixed.

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